ASEAN – US to establish Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in November

The leaders of ASEAN and the United States issued a joint statement, agreeing to elevate the relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in November, after two days of summits in Washington.

“Elevated relations will be meaningful, substantive, and mutually beneficial,” the leaders of ASEAN and the United States said in a joint vision statement after the special Summit held in Washington on Wednesday. .

The establishment of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership will be an upgrade of the relationship, demonstrating the increasingly strong connection between the two sides, creating a framework to promote cooperation. ASEAN has established a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with Australia and China by the end of 2021.

In the joint vision statement, the ASEAN-US leaders also mentioned the situation in Ukraine, affirming “respect for sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity”.

Leaders of ASEAN and the United States at the summit in Washington on May 13.  Photo: Reuters.

Leaders of ASEAN and the United States at the summit in Washington on May 13. Photo: Reuters.

During a meeting on May 13, President Joe Biden affirmed that ASEAN-US relations have entered a “new era”, and announced the nomination of National Security Council Chief of Staff Yohannes Abraham as the US ambassador to Vietnam. ASEAN, the position has been vacant since former President Donald Trump took office in January 2017.

The US also emphasized its “long-term commitment” to the region at the summit, deploying a $150 million support package for programs in Southeast Asia such as maritime cooperation, clean energy, public health and education. .

ASEAN and the United States also emphasized the benefits of maintaining the East Sea as a “sea of ​​peace, stability and prosperity”, and reaffirmed the need to pursue peaceful means to resolve disputes, in accordance with the law. recognized rules of international law.

“The scale of the discussions shows the important role of the Indo-Pacific region and ASEAN for the US. A large part of world history in the next 50 years will be written in the ASEAN countries.” , President Biden added.

The ASEAN-US Special Summit is an opportunity for leaders of ASEAN countries and US President Joe Biden to look back and evaluate the overall journey of the partnership between the two sides over the past 45 years, and set development orientations. relations in the near future.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh arrived in the US on May 11, starting to attend a series of events within the framework of the conference, and also visit and work in the US and the United Nations, which is expected to last until May 17.

Vu Anh (Theo Reuters)

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