Asian-American woman hit in the head with a rock in the US

Quiying Ma, 61, was hit in the head by a man with a large rock in New York, leaving her in critical condition.

Quiying Ma was attacked while cleaning the outside of her rented apartment in Jackson Heights, New York, on the morning of November 26. She was hit in the head and face by a man with a large rock, was hospitalized at Elmhurst and is in critical condition with a brain bleed.

“She’s not only a tenant, she’s also a close family member. I always consider her as my aunt, because my mother also just passed away. I can’t eat well and sleep peacefully, it feels like their loved ones are hurt,” said Yihung Hsieh, the owner of the house Ma lived in.

Mrs. Quiying Ma.  Photo: Next Shark.

Mrs. Quiying Ma. Photo: Next Shark.

Neighbors said Ma often cleans outside the apartment, even though it’s not her job. She is also praised as a kind woman who always helps people.

Ma, originally from Liaoning province, China, lives with her husband who works as a cleaner at a restaurant. People said she was unemployed due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ma has no health insurance, but has received more than $68,000 in donations from donors. On November 28, her health showed positive signs and was able to move her fingers and toes.

The suspect has been identified as Elisaul Perez, 33 years old. He fled the scene after the attack and was arrested on November 27. Perez was charged with assault and possession of a weapon. Police are investigating the attack as a hate crime act.

New York is seeing an increase in unprovoked assault crimes, with many targeting people of Asian descent. An analysis of New York Police Department statistics shows that anti-Asian hate crimes have increased significantly across 16 US cities over the past year.

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