At 35 years old, broke, changed jobs more than 40 times, Joe Girard became the world’s greatest salesman thanks to a top skill!

Joe Girard was born in a slum in the United States in 1928. He started by cleaning shoes, selling newspapers, washing dishes, delivering… Before the age of 35, he was considered a complete failure, He suffered from severe stuttering and, after jumping 40 jobs, his career was like zero, then he started his career in sales. Who would have imagined that a person without hope and in debt could be called by the Guinness Book of World Records “the world’s greatest salesman” in just 3 years. He has always been called a legendary figure by European and American business circles “who can sell any product to anyone”.

Between 1963 and 1978, Girard sold 13,001 new cars and trucks at a Chevrolet dealership in Detroit, USA, more than any other seller in any retail industry before or after. He also set records that no one else has ever done, which is best retail in a day (18 cars), best new retailer in a month (174 units) and best new retailer of the year. (1,425 pieces).

Why did he do that?

Joe Girard has a habit that is: Every time he meets someone, he will immediately give them a business card whether on the street or in the store. He believes that business opportunities are down to the details. “Give you a choice: You can keep this card or throw it away. If you keep it, you know what I make and sell and you know all the details.”

At 35 years old, broke, changed jobs more than 40 times, Joe Girard became the world's greatest salesman thanks to a top skill!  - Photo 1.

Joe Girard believes that the point of selling is not to promote a product, but to promote oneself. He shared that if you give someone a business card and think this is a very stupid and shameful thing, you are wrong, on the contrary, people who act stupid are successful and successful people. rich. Over the years, he did not neglect to advertise during sports matches or throw business cards like fireworks in the stadium.

On July 18, 2002, at the Beijing Terminal of the NAC Success Conference, staff placed Joe Girard’s business cards on each chair before his speech began so that they occasionally threw business cards at them. crowd. He thinks it’s hard to believe that some people sell goods whose beloved wife doesn’t know what her husband is selling. “From today, people stop hiding. You should let others know about you and what you’ve done.”

Joe Girard believes that the starting point to success is to first love your job, even if there are people in the world who hate you and your job, that’s their business. When asked about his career by anyone, he proudly said: “I’m a salesperson and I love what I do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady of the United States once said, “No one can make you feel ashamed without your consent.” Joe Girard thinks this is extremely true. Work is the path to health and wealth. Joe Girard believes it can get you going every step of the way. The world record is 7 cars sold a week but he sold 6 cars a day, breaking the world record. He once sold a car in less than 20 minutes. The other end of the line told him that I actually work here and that I came to buy a car just to learn his sales secrets. Joe Girard returns the deposit to the other party and says there are no secrets, just don’t give up. Because every job will go wrong, tomorrow will not be much better than today, but if you change jobs often, the situation will only get worse. Just like you plant a tree, at first you take care of it, be patient, at some point, you will get sweet fruit back. The longer you plant, the larger the tree will be and the greater the reward you will receive.

He also shared that facial expression is very important to score points, it can make people think familiar turns away and also make strangers become friends immediately. Laughter can increase a person’s worth. Joe Girard explains his contagious smile and brought him wealth like this. According to the sales guru, frowning requires all facial muscles to wrinkle but a smile, not only the facial muscles work, but also the mouth, eyes, hands and whole body.

At 35 years old, broke, changed jobs more than 40 times, Joe Girard became the world's greatest salesman thanks to a top skill!  - Photo 2.

“When you smile, the whole world is smiling. No one wants to look at you with sad eyes.” So smile with all your heart. “There are more than 7 billion people in the world. If we can find two weapons: listening and smiling, people will be closer.” Let the flame of faith burn because nothing is impossible.” I’m not going to spend time with someone else without getting anything out of it. So you have to believe in yourself then you will definitely sell and you will. Have the courage to try and you will see that what you do will surprise you. What Joe Girard can do, you can too and I’m not much better than you but I do it as a result of dedication and enthusiasm.

Someone will say that person does not look like a shopper. But, can anyone tell us what the shoppers look like? Joe Girard said that every time someone passed by his office, he would scream in his heart, “WOW!come on! I will definitely make you buy my car. Because every minute and every second is my paycheck, I won’t let you go. I smiled and faced him with my money in his pocket.” He sets up a systematic file for all customer situations, so even if the customer has no intention of buying, he has a way of making them change their mind. Someone asked him: Are you the greatest salesman in the world? The answer he gave was no. He said he was the greatest man in his life.

At 35 years old, broke, changed jobs more than 40 times, Joe Girard became the greatest salesman in the world thanks to 1 skill!  - Photo 3.

“After you solve a certain problem that has arisen, you will become stronger than before. Before the age of 35, I was no different from a poor person, the food of my wife and children also became a problem. , I have to sell cars to support my family. Everything is done by me, everything is under my control. All miracles must be created by you.”

Before the age of 35, Joe Girard experienced many failures but he wouldn’t even ignore it, constantly trying to change his fate and within 3 years, he became the greatest salesman. world.


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