Australia announced plans to build a nuclear submarine base

Australia announced plans to build a nuclear submarine base - Photo 1.

Photo of an Australian Collins-class submarine HMAS Waller leaving Sydney Harbor in May 2020 – Photo: REUTERS

According to the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald of Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced plans to build a nuclear submarine base in his national security speech on March 7, local time. Specifically, Australia will spend about $ 7.4 billion to build a new base, expected to be completed before 2023.

The Australian Prime Minister emphasized that the construction of a nuclear submarine base on the east coast of the country will support the placement and placement of nuclear submarines in the future.

In addition, “there will be significant benefits for local and national industry in supporting the new base and this larger and more complex fleet of nuclear-powered submarines,” Bloomberg News reported. quoted Mr Morrison as saying.

On March 6, Australian Defense Minister Petter Dutton said a decision on what type of submarine to order under the AUKUS agreement in the next few months. Nuclear submarines are expected to be in Australia by 2040.

Australia’s fleet of six Collins-class submarines is currently stationed at HMAS Stirling base in Perth, Western Australia. According to Mr Morrison, the new submarine base is not expected to affect the operational capacity of this submarine base, and the HMAS Stirling base will also be used to deploy submarines under the AUKUS agreement between Australia and Australia. UK, USA.

ABC News (Australia) quoted Australian Government sources as saying that out of the three suitable locations mentioned above, Port Kembla is the most ideal.

All three sites are close to well-established infrastructure, major population centers, and within close proximity to maritime operations and training points, weapons depots, deep water and cargo loading facilities. Australia. These sites were filtered from 19 sites that the Australian Department of Defense assessed.

In his speech, Mr. Morrison also warned that the economic, political, strategic and social effects of Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine would spread to the Indo-Pacific region.

Some politicians, such as former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, have warned of the Morrison government’s hasty establishment of a nuclear submarine base to “scoring points” ahead of the upcoming election. The Australian government has denied this information.

“The fact that you have to rush to make such a decision at this stage is purely political,” said Mr Turbull, the man behind the $65 billion French submarine deal that Australia canceled late last year.

Instead of an agreement with France, Australia said it would build eight US-UK technology nuclear submarines under the AUKUS agreement between the three countries.

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