Australian Prime Minister: only reopen when 70% of people aged 16 and over get a COVID-19 vaccine

Australian Prime Minister: reopen only when 70% of people aged 16 and over get the COVID-19 vaccine - Photo 1.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison – Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

Answering the Herald Sun newspaper on September 5, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison affirmed that the COVID-19 epidemic cannot be completely eradicated, so Australia will reopen.

However, people can only move freely when the rate of COVID-19 vaccination among people aged 16 and over reaches 70% by the end of October or the beginning of November 2021.

At the same time, Australia will also gradually open international borders (closed from March 2020) when the vaccination rate reaches over 80%.

There are currently more than 15 million people in Victoria, New South Wales and the capital territories having to stay at home to avoid the COVID-19 epidemic complicated by the Delta variant.

The state of New South Wales (NSW) accounts for the majority of cases, where 1,485 new infections were recorded in the community and 3 deaths on September 5. Of those, 1,083 were hospitalized, including 175 in intensive care and 72 in need of mechanical ventilation.

NSW has 40% of the population who have had 2 doses of the vaccine and 73% have had one. Premier Gladys Berejiklian has promised NSW “certainly won’t have to blockade the entire state anymore” when vaccination rates reach 80%.

Although the number of cases is still on the rise, the authorities aim to accelerate the rate of COVID-19 vaccination to end the blockade, reopen the economy, and allow people to have a normal Christmas. .

“Everybody can plan Christmas with family and loved ones,” Prime Minister Morrison announced.

Currently about 37% of the vaccine-eligible population in Australia has had two doses. The pace of vaccination in Australia is slow partly because the country does not buy enough Pfizer vaccine while people are not enthusiastic about vaccination with AstraZeneca.

Until the desired vaccination rate is reached, states and territories in Australia will continue to blockade to control the spread of Delta variant.


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