Australia’s epidemic center eases restrictions, maximum gatherings of 2 people

Australia's epidemic center eases restrictions, maximum gatherings of 2 people - Photo 1.

Police check identity papers and addresses of gym goers in Sydney, NSW, Australia – Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

Bang New South Wales (NSW) recorded 1,257 community infections today, September 13, but the government still decided to lift some restrictions.

Accordingly, with 12 regions with the most severe epidemic, people living in the same house are allowed to go out for a picnic, entertainment or picnic for up to 2 hours within a radius of 5km, excluding time for exercise. If people do not live in the same household, people are allowed to gather outdoors with a maximum of 2 people.

Outside 12 hot epidemic areas, people are allowed to gather up to 5 adults outdoors, excluding children under 12 years old, within 5km of home, provided that they have received 2 doses of the vaccine.

NSW health agency said: “If one person in a group of five has not had two injections, the whole group will be considered a violation of health safety regulations.”

Therefore, everyone over the age of 16 must carry a certificate of vaccination status when going out.

In the Greater Sydney area, people must wear a mask whenever they leave the house, except when exercising or eating. The curfew time from 9pm the previous day to 5am the next morning is still in effect. Almost 80 per cent of people in NSW have now had one shot of the vaccine.

On September 13, Australia recorded 1,655 new infections, of which NSW, the epicenter of Australia’s epidemic, had 1,257 community infections, down 5 cases from the previous day and with 5 deaths.

According to Reuters, the number of infections in Australia is quite low compared to the general situation in the world. However, authorities are concerned about the number of deaths and hospitalizations because only 42% of people over 16 years old in Australia have been fully vaccinated.

Starting today, September 13, Australia expands its COVID-19 vaccination program to about 1 million children aged 12-15 years old by ensuring an additional source of vaccines for the goal of boosting vaccination. to reopen the economy.

Australia purchased an additional 1 million doses of Moderna vaccine from the European Union on September 12 and reached an agreement to borrow the vaccine with the UK and Singapore in the past two weeks.

ABC (Australia) said that between now and mid-October 2021, Australia will have enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone who is eligible for vaccination.

Australia’s total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic is about 73,600 cases and 1,091 deaths, according to statistics.


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