Austria: Son hid mother’s body for more than a year to receive benefits

Austria: The son hid his mother's body for more than a year to receive benefits - Photo 1.

Police said the suspect received a total of more than 50,000 euros in benefits – Photo: AP

According to AFP news agency, police said the ill-fated mother, believed to have dementia, passed away in June last year.

“The 66-year-old son kept his mother’s body in the house to continue receiving benefits,” police said.

The suspect lived with his mother near the city of Innsbruck, in the western Austrian state of Tirol.

During the interrogation, the son admitted that he had chilled his mother’s body to prevent the smell, and then left it in the basement. The suspect then wrapped a bandage around the mother to absorb all the fluid from the body.

“He covered his mother’s body with a layer of cat litter, and eventually the body became a mummy,” Helmut Gufler, a police representative, told ORF television.

When the suspect’s brother asked where his mother was, he replied that she was at the hospital.

The suspect receives his mother’s allowance in the mail every month, but recently the postman who has just taken up the job has asked to meet the beneficiary in person.

When the suspect refused, the postman reported it to the authorities and the body was found on September 4.

The suspect has pocketed about 50,000 euros (more than 1 billion dong) since June 2020.

An autopsy ruled out that the suspect killed his mother. Authorities then accused the suspect of fraud and hiding the body.


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