B-class sedan races with discounts, customers make tens of millions of dong

Class B sedan races at a discount, customers make tens of millions of dong - Photo 1.

Honda City has many incentive programs at dealers in March – Photo: TUAN CAO

The car market in March continued to witness the discount race to boost sales. In the B-segment sedan segment, where there are many options and sales are often at the top of the market, the car models are actively promoting, helping users to choose to buy cars at good prices.

According to Toyota’s sales consultant, Vios versions are currently discounted from about 12 to 20 million VND. During this time, users will receive a cash discount and other promotions such as accessories, body insurance… depending on the policy of each agent.

“The accessories are converted into cash, but the accessories are necessary, so the cash value will not benefit the user,” said a sales consultant at an agent in Hanoi.

Class B sedan races at a discount, customers make tens of millions of dong - Photo 2.

Hyundai Accent discounts in sales race with Toyota Vios – Photo: TC Motor

Meanwhile, at Hyundai car distribution agents, the Accent model is being applied with a cash gift program worth about VND 20 million, along with various accessories. Accent and Vios are two fierce competitors for the No. 1 position in the segment every month.

By the end of 2021, the Korean sedan achieved sales of 19,956 vehicles, while the Japanese rival achieved sales of 19,931 vehicles. These are probably the two most drastic sales comparison cars on the market.

In the rest, the models with lower sales are not outside the general promotion vortex in the segment. Many Nissan sales consultants said that the Almera model applies a new price policy, reducing from 22 to 46 million VND depending on the version.

Car buyers in March can be given an accessory package according to the dealer’s own policy. As the latest model to join the segment, equipped with many features and technologies, Almera has not been able to overcome the too large shadow of Accent or Vios.

Class B sedan races at a discount, customers make tens of millions of dong - Photo 4.

Sales of B-size sedans in 2021 – Graphics: TUAN CAO

The model that is applying the strongest incentive program in the segment is Honda City. The sales consultant of an agent in Hanoi said that this B-size sedan is being discounted 40 million in cash and accessories worth 40 million VND. This is also a car line with inferior sales compared to the top two in the segment.

Despite receiving positive reviews about driving experience and design, City still lacks the factors to have good sales as competitors in the segment. In 2021, this model will sell a total of 9,745 vehicles, equal to about 50% of the sales of the two leading models.

The two models distributed by THACO, including Mazda2 and Kia Soluto, have their own incentive programs. The Japanese model is discounted about 18-20 million VND depending on the version, offering body insurance. Meanwhile, Kia Soluto reduced 10 million in cash.

Besides promotions from dealers, except for Nissan Almera and Mazda2, the rest of the car models are entitled to a policy of 50% reduction in government registration fees. With this reduction, car buyers by the end of May will also save several tens of millions of dong depending on the locality where the car is registered.

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