Bac Giang male student achieved valedictorian in all 3 blocks of Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Bac Giang male student achieved valedictorian in all 3 blocks of Hanoi University of Science and Technology - Photo 1.

Male student Do Duc Tu – Photo: NVCC

On July 24, Hanoi University of Science and Technology announced the results of the 2022 thinking exam. Do Duc Tu (a math student at Bac Giang High School for the Gifted) was the valedictorian of all 3 groups of the school. K00 (26.61 points), K01 (27.37 points) and K02 (27.05 points).

Exchange with Youth Onlinethe male student was still very nervous and excited about the result he had just received: “When I heard the score, I was extremely surprised, I just wanted to scream”.

Tu said that after looking at the scores of each subject, the scores were quite close to what he predicted, only to be surprised that he was the valedictorian of all 3 combinations. “I think self-study is the key to achieving today’s results,” Tu saidhi was asked “secret” to study well.

“In schools, teachers teach the whole class to focus on the high school graduation exam, while the knowledge of the thinking test is diverse, the knowledge is broad, and it’s also very ‘puzzle’. students’ thinking ability, so they have to spend a lot of time looking for more online materials to revise and expand their knowledge, but also not neglect their studies in class.

At first, I was not passionate about math, but only had a little aptitude for this subject, then after learning more deeply and participating in teams of good math students from grade 1, I found it quite suitable for me. After that, the more I study, the more interesting I find solving math problems,” Tu said.

Talking about career orientation, Tu said that in 11th grade, he started orienting himself to the entrance exam to the University of Science and Technology, majoring in information technology.

“The information technology industry converges many factors that I have, especially the ability to think, aptitude for mathematics and natural sciences. This is also a necessary industry in the current job market, and also It’s a trend, so I set a goal since then,” Tu added.

As for English, although not in Tu’s university admissions complex, I am also very passionate about learning new words and knowledge through music and movies in English. Tu shared that when studying is stressful, she often turns on soft music and lies down to relax to regain her spirit.

With this exam result, Tu said that he would register the K01 combination to enter the computer science major of Hanoi University of Science and Technology to fulfill his dream of becoming an information technology engineer. It is known that in the 2022 high school graduation exam, Tu got 28.4 points in block A.

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