Barely swinging outside the window of a high-rise building, the man makes netizens imagine all kinds of situations

Recently, a photo of a naked man clinging to a window has attracted the attention of Chinese fans.

Accordingly, a netizen uploaded a photo and said that the incident took place right upstairs in his apartment complex.

This person also said that although the weather is very cold, the other man still seems to be suffering in his arrogant appearance. Sometimes, he even poked his head into the house to take a look and then suddenly pulled his head back as if he didn’t want to be discovered.

Naked swinging outside the window, the man made fans argue with all sorts of weird situations - Photo 1.

Immediately, the photo attracted attention and sparked a lot of scenarios painted by Chinese fans.

Accordingly, people thought that he was “clumsy eating” and was suddenly discovered, so he had to hide out of the window in the form of a naked pupa.

Others suspect that this is a drug user, due to a rampage, he can’t control himself and acts strangely.

Some people think that this could be… the script of a certain movie!

However, a man in the house spotted him. This person even clamped the man’s hand to the window so he couldn’t leave.

This has made the “clumsy” argument even more reinforced. It is also known that the police were present and escorted the main character of the photo to the police station.

Source: Sina

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