Battlefield 2042 disables Prox Sensor because it causes lag issues

According to PCGamers, DICE has temporarily disabled a utility Battlefield 2042 which they claim is causing lag in Conquest and Breakthrough modes. The developer says that disabling Prox Sensor has improved the performance of the server and also the game experience of gamers.

Battlefield 2042 disables Prox Sensor because it causes lag issues - photo 1

Prox Sensor causes lag in Battlefield 2042

The Prox Sensor is a throwable device that unlocks at level 22 and is one of the few detectors in Battlefield 2042 used to identify and track nearby enemies. DICE did not explain how this device causes lag, but the company believes that keeping it disabled will not affect the game experience.

One of the consequences of the crash is a visual bug, that is, the throw item that was selected can now be ‘rendered’ and become another item with the same function in the development screen. declaration of the game, however it is still usable when entering the game. There’s also another bug but it only affects players with the Prox Sensor equipped in load mode and when it’s disabled, causing load changes to crash in between rounds of the game.


According to PCGamers’ testing, the game experienced a lot of stuttering when in Conquest mode, but with the Prox Sensor disabled, things became much more stable. And DICE’s erroneous conclusion about Prox Sensor seems to be correct.

Early access now Battlefield 2042 was made available to EA Play Pro subscribers and anyone who pre-purchased a Gold or Ultimate Edition plan.


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