Battlefield 2042 Enters Steam’s Worst Game of All Time

Battlefield 2042 has probably received a lot of expectations from gamers, expected to surpass this year’s Call of Duty. But the game launched with bugs that made players lose interest and “donated” a lot of negative reviews.

Although the developer DICE has addressed many issues, fixed lag issues, and errors noted in the first day update, Battlefield 2042 is still having a bad day, and perhaps even longer. long in the near future.

Battlefield 2042 in Steam's Worst Game of All Time - Photo 1

After 8 days of launch, most reviews for Battlefield 2042 on the Steam platform are negative. Only 24% of the reviews are positive out of nearly 23,300 people leaving their opinion about this game. This result pushes Battlefield 2042 into number 8 on the list of the 100 worst games available on Steam.


Some players have complained that the game lacks features such as story, player scoreboards, while others consider the decision to replace the traditional Class system with Specialists a mistake. The “less negative” reviews don’t state what problems players have, but merely advise those who haven’t purchased to “stay away”.

Besides, the game still has an annoying phenomenon of lag, not really optimized as well as many other problems, which greatly affect the player’s experience of a military shooting game.


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