Beckham and his wife are disappointed in their eldest son Brooklyn

Sheet Daily Mail On July 24, it was reported that fashion brand Superdry ended a contract worth 1 million pounds (28 billion VND) at the beginning of the month.

Beckham and his wife are disappointed in their eldest son Brooklyn - Photo 2.

Brooklyn Beckham loses partnership contract with Superdry

This information is surprising because Superdry has only announced that the eldest Beckham family is its new brand ambassador in November 2021. The company also threw a party to welcome Brooklyn at its largest store in Oxford Street, London.

At the beginning of the partnership, Superdry boss Julian Dunkerton said: “The signing of Brooklyn is a testament to what we are doing as a brand. As a business, we want to create positive change for current and future generations – the generation Brooklyn stands for.”

However, at the end of the deal, a Superdry spokesperson explained, “we have always looked at the ambassadors present in our campaigns and decided to work with a variety of talents.”

Brooklyn’s termination of contract with Superdry is said to make Victoria Beckham very sad. There is information, Victoria has put a lot of effort to get her eldest son to have this job. “She pushed a lot to get her son signed to Superdry. This partnership will help him establish a personal profile, creating a base to start building a foundation for the future,” the source told the magazine. Heat.

Beckham and his wife are disappointed in their eldest son Brooklyn - Photo 3.

Victoria is said to help her son get a contract with Superdry

Unfortunately, the chef born in 1999 did not know how to take advantage of the opportunity. The source revealed, Brooklyn has refused to participate in many Superdry photo shoots and campaigns because it “does not fit the schedule”. Not only that, Brooklyn is also said to be not interested in collaborating with Superdry but wants to work with Gucci. Even Brooklyn accused Victoria of forcing him to do something she didn’t like.

“Victoria and David have worked really hard to get where they are. They were disappointed to see Brooklyn let go of the opportunity. Of course, Victoria now feels guilty for trying to intervene in the first place and is about to give in. But it’s really hard for her and David,” the source concluded.

Representatives of the Beckham family have not commented on the incident. However, a source close to the former Spice Girl member confirmed to Daily Mail: “Victoria was not involved in Brooklyn’s signing so there is no truth behind this story.”

It is known that before the contract expired, the cooperation between Superdry and Brooklyn was not smooth. The oldest brother Beckham was opposed by netizens when advertising for the company’s vegetarian trainers while he is a chef who regularly shoots meat videos.

Born as the first son of one of the most famous couples in the world, Brooklyn “enjoyed” the fame of his parents, always being the focus of media attention. However, her husband Nicola Peltz is often ridiculed as incompetent.

Initially, Brooklyn wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a professional football player but failed. Then, young Gen Z studied photography at Parsons School of Design in New York (USA) but dropped out after only a year.

Currently, Brooklyn turns to be a chef, has its own online program “Cookin’ With Brooklyn”, and is also featured on the US “Today” program. However, he was criticized by netizens for only knowing how to cook basic dishes such as bacon, sausage and egg bread. They say, many talented chefs deserve to appear on television than Brooklyn.

Beckham and his wife are disappointed in their eldest son Brooklyn - Photo 4.

Brooklyn has been criticized many times for incompetence, “relying” on his parents

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