Behind foreign ‘temporary wives’: The price to pay for the quick love affair and the ‘escape illusion’ of single Chinese men

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia and is known as the “City of Angels”. It attracts more than 6 million tourists every year from all over the world.

Behind the temporary foreign wives: The price to pay for the sudden love and illusions of single Chinese men - Photo 1.

The scene of “old husband and young wife” is extremely common in this country

By page 163 (China), the “temporary wives” are hired by foreign guests living in Thailand as a real wife.

The work of a “hired wife” includes being a wife and working as a tour guide. In order to receive remuneration, the girls will have to cook, clean and perform many other tasks during the day. Serving the “sexual needs” of the “fake husband” is also one of the indispensable tasks of the girls.

“Wife rental” originated in India and then spread to Thailand, and then began to become a “vocation” there. Many Chinese men who can’t get a wife have come to Thailand to use the service as a way of “fire fighting” when the burden of starting a family falls on their shoulders.

Based on the principle of mutual benefit, the price will be clearly disclosed. During the cohabitation period, the tenant must bear all expenses such as accommodation, entertainment and entertainment, including the expenses of the “temporary wife”…

Behind the temporary foreign wives: The price to pay for the sudden love and illusions of single Chinese men - Photo 2.

Girls who follow the “vocational” need to have a good-looking appearance (Artwork)

Also according to this source, hiring a wife is very popular in Thailand, it is divided into short-term and long-term, of which short-term is 1 day to 1 week, long-term is 1 month, even lifetime. The price is not considered too expensive, about 300-1,000 yuan (equivalent to 1-3.6 million dong)/day, depending on the education level and appearance of the “wife”. If it is a long-term lease, it can be much cheaper, averaging only 100-200 yuan (equivalent to 360-720 thousand VND)/day.

Many Chinese single men also regularly visit Thailand to choose a wife. If he falls in love with a casual wife, the “husband” will return to Thailand every year and live as husband and wife with that girl for a few months.

Some of them are even lucky enough to become real wives and marry their employers. However, most such relationships only stop when the tenancy agreement is over and the girls continue to return in search of new leases.

Many girls who come to work as hired wives come from poor families. They have no choice but to engage in it. They try to learn English, learn how to seduce each other and date many men at the same time.

Behind the temporary foreign wives: The price to pay for the sudden love and illusion of single Chinese men - Photo 3.

Many of the girls who follow this “career” come from a poor background (Illustration image)

However, the “rent a wife” service also has many limitations.

For example, a number of foreign tourists, after being blackmailed by their “temporary wives”, fall into a state of nothing and do not have money to buy plane tickets back home. There are even who reluctantly became homeless, begging along the streets during the day and sleeping in the park at night. They also ended up like this because they were abandoned by their “temporary wives”, cheated out of money, lost or expired passports.

The case of a 52-year-old man living in Shenzhen, China, who died in Pattaya, Thailand in 2021 is an example. Police later found a suicide note in his rented home that read: “I was empty handed, no longer wanted to live.”

After the police entered the investigation, it was discovered that the man had hired a “temporary wife” from Thailand, but that woman had defrauded her “husband’s” pension, eventually disappearing without a trace.

With no money, no wife, he finally chose to end his life. Such cases are not uncommon.

In addition to money loss, health risks also very worrisome. Page 163 said, according to statistics, Thailand is one of the countries with the most AIDS cases in the world. In porn transactions, more than 60% of buyers – sellers do not take security measures.

In fact, in most countries, renting a wife is prohibited, and it is also inconsistent with the general moral views of people. But in Thailand, one can even make a contract for the other party if needed. Therefore, this place has become an “attractive destination” attracting countless people from all over the world to experience.

Source: 163

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