Belarus warns against using nuclear weapons against the West

President Lukanshenko said that the Belarusian Sukhoi planes have been modified to carry nuclear weapons, ready to respond if the West provokes.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on August 26 mentioned potential threats from neighboring Poland, criticized the country’s leadership but said that the Polish military understood Minsk’s specific response if it happened. escalate the conflict.

“They must not aggravate relations with Belarus, because that means aggravating relations with the Union State, which has nuclear weapons. If they start to cause trouble, the Belarusian reaction will take place. out in a flash,” said President Lukashenko, referring to the Union State model implemented by Russia and Belarus since 2020 to link the two countries’ economies and militaries.

Lukashenko’s comments did not refer directly to the West, but appeared to be referring to threats posed by NATO, the military alliance of which Poland is a member.

President Lukashenko in an interview in the capital Minsk in late July. Photo: AFP.

President Lukashenko in an interview in Minsk in late July. Photo: AFP.

“The West needs to understand that military aircraft or helicopters will be useless if they decide to aggravate the situation. President Vladimir Putin and I have agreed on many issues, including the modification of the Sukhoi fighter fleet. of Belarus so that they can carry nuclear weapons. We are not saying anything, everything is ready,” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on August 26.

Lukashenko did not say what type of aircraft would be modified and what nuclear weapons would be fitted to them. Belarus does not possess nuclear weapons, the country’s air force is operating the Su-30SM multi-role fighter and the Su-25 attack aircraft cannot carry nuclear weapons.

Belarus used to operate Su-17 bombers and Su-24 attack aircraft designed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons, but retired them many years ago.

Belarus is a close ally of Russia and allows the neighboring country to use its territory to attack Ukraine. Belarus is also suspected of allowing Russia to launch missiles at Ukraine from its airspace.

President Lukashenko in July described Belarus “as the only country in the world that supports Russia in the fight against fascism”. Lukashenko confirmed that Russia is carrying out a special military operation to “demilitarize and de-fascist Ukraine”.

Vu Anh (Theo BelTa, Reuters)

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