Biden forces businesses to vaccinate employees

Biden announced a rule that businesses with more than 100 people must force employees to vaccinate, which could affect up to 80 million workers.

US President Joe Biden on September 9 announced a new 6-point plan to promote the national vaccination campaign, with strict regulations, demonstrating his increasingly aggressive stance on Americans who are hesitant to get vaccinated. vaccines.

The new plan targets businesses with more than 100 employees, and requires them to ensure that all employees are vaccinated against Covid-19 or are tested for nCoV weekly. This regulation, which could affect up to 80 million people, is considered the toughest ever to combat the Delta mutation raging in the US.

“A small minority of Americans backed by a handful of officials are keeping us from going through tough times,” Biden said. “Unvaccinated people fill our hospitals and emergency rooms, leaving no room for patients with heart attacks or cancer.”

US President Joe Biden announced a plan to tighten the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination requirement on September 9.  Photo: Reuters.

US President Joe Biden announced a plan to tighten the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination requirement on September 9. Photo: Reuters.

Biden’s plan also requires all government employees and contractors to get a Covid-19 vaccine. US government employees are now required to be vaccinated or tested regularly.

About 17 million healthcare workers at facilities that receive funding from the US government’s Medicare or Medicaid programs are also vaccinated. The new plan only exempts a small group for religious or health reasons.

Biden’s decision is expected to face opposition from the right and groups that see it as an attack on individual liberties. Republican congressmen immediately criticized the Biden administration’s decision as “out of power”.

About 80 million Americans have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. One study found that the majority of these people were younger, less educated, and mostly Republicans.

Whites make up the largest proportion of people who haven’t been vaccinated against Covid-19, but people of color and Hispanics are among the least likely to get vaccinated than other races, the Kaiser Family Foundation said.

The initial success of the US government in deploying vaccinations and encouraging mask wearing helped Biden’s popularity skyrocket after taking office in January. From leading the world in the number of nCoV deaths, America becomes a model for how to defeat Covid-19.

However, the Delta strain with the ability to spread quickly appeared during the summer, causing the ICU rooms to become crowded again. The US receives about 1,500 deaths from nCoV every day. Biden was forced to change the way he fought the Covid-19 pandemic, but most of the problems were beyond the reach of the US President.

State governments, especially Texas and Florida, where Republicans dominate, have frequently resisted the requirement to wear masks. Many people continue to refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, despite the high number of infections. Biden and his supporters call the current Covid-19 outbreak in the US a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

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