BLACKPINK sets a record for the number of music listeners in a month on Spotify

According to an announcement from Spotify, BLACKPINK has officially opened a new era with a record for the number of monthly listeners by a girl group on this platform.

Specifically, the 4 girls of YG Entertainment surpassed 30 million streams in a month on this platform, becoming the first girl group in Spotify history to reach this amazing milestone. Notably, BLACKPINK did this after debuting for 6 years with only 30 songs in their career. The group has surpassed many legendary girl groups in history such as Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony… still achieving this achievement.

BLACKPINK sets a record for the number of people listening to music in a month on Spotify - Photo 1.

(Photo: YG Entertainment)

In fact, the fact that BLACKPINK has once again broken another record on Spotify is not new news for K-Pop fans and audiences alike. With the title “Queen of K-Pop”, BLACKPINK has continuously become a hot topic for the audience after announcing the group’s comeback after nearly a year of absence.

Most recently, the group’s opening song “Pink Venom” has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify. This is also the group’s 24th song to reach this milestone. Remarkable, Pink Venom It took only 17 days to reach 100 million views, making BLACKPINK the fastest K-Pop girl group to have the song to do so. It has not stopped here, Pink Venom It is also the fastest song to reach this incredible number of views by a girl group in Spotify history.

Or Pink Venom, BLACKPINK is preparing for a comeback with the second full album in their career titled BORN PINK. Album as well as title track Shut Down It will be officially released to the audience on September 16.

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