Blizzard announced it will not monetize Diablo IV

Theo Engadget, Diablo IV there will be different monetization systems from what exists in Diablo Immortal. “Speak clearly, Diablo IV is a list price game, built for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox audiences,” brand general manager DiabloRod Fergusson said after the game’s latest presentation at the Summer Game Fest showcase on June 12.

Blizzard announced it will not make money from Diablo IV - Photo 1

Blizzard has made it clear that Diablo IV will not have an in-game monetization system like Diablo Immortal

“We’re committed to delivering an incredible amount of content post-launch, for years to come the game will focus on optional items and expand on the story.”

The gaming community had a controversy because Immortal has the most “aggressive” monetization system found in a Blizzard game to date. One estimate shows that it will take players 10 years or 110,000 USD to have enough “legendary gems” to equip the character. Since its release Immortalfan Diablo was worried that Blizzard would use the same monetization system for Diablo IV when the game comes out in 2023.


However, Fergusson’s statement shows Diablo IV will be similar to Diablo III than Immortal because of version Diablo III There are no trading systems in the game.

But many fans have also expressed concern over Fergusson’s Twitter discussions, suggesting that the item mention could also imply more in-game transactions than Blizzard is suggesting.

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