Blizzard reiterates ‘solid’ claim about Diablo IV

Theo GamesRadarafter the ‘mess’ of in-game transactions of Diablo Immortal, The developers are now extremely careful when it comes to assuring players that Diablo IV there will be no ‘pay-to-win’ element.

Product Manager Kegan Clark said: “As we have discussed before, Diablo IV will be a game with a Cosmetics Shop and Season Pass system, and they won’t offer any options that allow players to ‘splash’ for power-ups.”

“Our goal in designing in-game transactions is to create beautiful things that add value to the player experience.”

Blizzard reiterates its 'firm' claim about Diablo IV - Photo 1

Diablo IV won’t have a ‘pay-to-win’ element

Although Clark calls the seasonal structure of Diablo IV is ‘much more ambitious’ than Diablo IIIbut the principles are essentially the same: everything resets at the beginning of each season, including characters, items, and gold – although the old characters are still accessible through Eternal Realm.


Game director Joe Shely also asserted that ‘the game’s new season design requires that all of the character’s power sources come from playing the game, so it won’t be possible to pay to buy powerups in the game. Diablo IV’.

There will also be bonuses that help speed progress for the rest of the season, but this type of reward is freely available to everyone, and it is tied to the level of the season, so players will not Apply them until the level is reached. “In other words, there’s no way to get rewards for speeding up by spending money, they can only be earned during play,” says Clark.

As mentioned earlier, the in-game shop of Diablo IV will just be items and the player won’t need to visit the store to access any part of the game. Blizzard says the store will be optional, transparent about everything it has to offer, and strangely it won’t be a showcase for the most beautiful items in the game.

Diablo IV It is expected to launch in 2023.

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