Boy orphaned father becomes valedictorian in ‘school land’

The boy orphaned by his father became the valedictorian of the IT major, Vinh Long University of Education and Science – Video: CHI HANH – HUYNH VY – TRINH TRA

Her husband died due to illness, Mrs. Dung took care of her 2-year-old child alone. She worked hard day and night to earn money to run and eat every meal. She never dared to think that her son is now the valedictorian of the “school land”.

Homemade study table side by side with a sewing machine

When the social distance was over according to directive 16, Ms. Huynh Ngoc Dung (49 years old) – Huynh Tan Phat’s mother (18 years old, living in An Phu A hamlet, Long An commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province) – as relieve the burden of money. For nearly 3 months now, mother and daughter have had nothing to eat, people have given them what they have, but they have not made any money.

She said: “When the child was still in the womb, the couple also had many plans for the future. At that time, he wandered around, earning a day-by-day salary to take care of food, diapers, milk, etc., to prepare for the birth of the baby. When he was 16 months old, my husband fell ill with severe kidney failure.”

At that time, Mrs. Dung’s family did not have health insurance and had to go to Ho Chi Minh City for dialysis. “A week of dialysis 3 times, 1 million dong each time. Partly I love him, I love my children, I sell all my land and fields to take care of hospital fees. But in the end, he still couldn’t escape death. I feel sorry for him. I feel guilty, because when his father died, Phat was only 29 months old. He did not have the opportunity to feel his father’s love, “said Mrs. Dung.

Empty hands, Mrs. Dung carried her small child back to live on her mother’s land in An Phu A hamlet. Brothers in the family sympathized with each other, so they each contributed a little to build a level 4 house next to the cow stable. Dung’s mother and daughter’s greatest fortune at this time is the sewing machine. Every day, she diligently cycled to Vinh Long City to receive clothes to take home for processing.

“Wherever I go, I take my son along, when I work at home, I put him next to me. Every day from morning to night, I earn a few tens of thousands, enough for mother and daughter. When Phat entered grade 1, I rode a bicycle to pick him up. At the age of 4, he knew how to ride a bicycle by himself. At that time, because of the pressure to make a living, he took care of his studies. Sometimes he was tired and sad, but because of him, he had to try.” Mrs. Dung recalled.

The boy who lost his father became the valedictorian of the study area - Photo 2.

Huynh Tan Phat, an orphaned boy, studied by himself to become the valedictorian of Vinh Long – Photo: CHI HANH

Inside the house of Tan Phat’s mother and daughter, there is nothing precious now, except the “fishing rod” which is a sewing machine. In the middle of the house is a small table, placed in front of the altar of the husband and father. Next to the sewing table, a shelf about 2 inches wide and about 1m long Tan Phat used as a study corner. He put it here also because he wanted to study while helping his mother make clothes to make money.

Each day, Phat’s mother and daughter earn about 60,000 VND in wages. But in the neighborhood, his mother and son are known by many people for their kindness and sharing with those who are more difficult. “There are people in the same situation as me in the neighborhood, I get a set of 7,500 dong, if I get a lot, I’ll share some of it for people to make a living,” added Ms. Dung.

The valedictorian of the “land of study” region

The boy who lost his father became the valedictorian of the study area - Photo 3.

The sewing machine and the shelf “side by side” together for the past decade have helped Tan Phat’s mother and daughter have food, clothes, and become an excellent student – Photo: CHI HANH

I worry about studying, my mother works hard to earn money, for many years it seems that mother and daughter sitting together for a meal seems to be a luxury. But in response, the results for 12 consecutive years, Tan Phat are all good and excellent students at all levels.

Phat studied well but there was not a certificate of merit hanging in the house. Seeing me curious, Mrs. Dung smiled and said: “My family is poor, so from a young age I taught my children to be humble and humble. Therefore, all the certificates of merit. All of them were put in plastic by Phat and stored in cabinets.

Tan Phat said that since he was a child, he only knew how to go to school, then come home to study and help his mother, never daring to think about going to extra school. When he was 10 years old, Phat studied at Pham Hung High School (Long Ho district). The chemistry teacher knows the difficult situation, so he accepts to teach for free until the 12th grade.

Seeing Phat’s energy, in her final year of high school, she taught English for free, then gave money to study more math to enter the high school exam.

According to the results of the high school graduation exam 2021, Huynh Tan Phat won the valedictorian of the province’s natural block, with a total score of 52.95 points in 6 subjects (math 9.2; literature 8.25; physics 8.5; chemistry 9). 25; born 8.75; foreign language 9.0). Teacher Nguyen Thanh Tuoi – Phat’s 12th grade homeroom teacher – said that during high school years, he was always trusted to be assigned the role of study assistant class, helping teachers to help friends in studying.

Received the news of being admitted to the IT major, Vinh Long University of Technical Education, Tan Phat could not help but worry. Mom has been unemployed for many months, Tan Phat now has many problems: no money to pay tuition fees, no computer, no Wi-Fi network at home, no means to go to school, except for a “crazy” phone. teachers contributed money to buy before.

When I was a child, I saw that my mother was very difficult, so I tried to study. Studying well is a way to help her mother, to make her happy. Studying well, receiving rewards is also a way to help her mother reduce her burden. In the immediate future, I will help my mother make clothes to earn money. IT is my dream since childhood, if I continue to go to school, I will definitely strive to take care of my mother in her old age. Because in the future, my mother only has me as a fulcrum.


The boy who lost his father became the valedictorian of the study area - Photo 5.

Graphics: NGOC THANH

The boy who lost his father became the valedictorian of the study area - Photo 6.

Graphics: NGOC THANH

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