Brave to report rape, the girl was not solved and was arrested by the police because of the unexpected twist

On September 9, a young woman surnamed Sa and her husband went to the police office of the Liuzhi special zone, Lu Banshui city, Guizhou province (China) to report the case.

After a moment of hesitation and fear, the woman cried out and accused her of having was raped by her ex-boyfriend, surnamed Zhang. The incident has happened for a few weeks, but after a long time of ideological struggle and sympathy and support from her husband, she decided to go to the police to claim justice for herself. The man was immediately arrested. However, after 1 working day, the last person who was detained by the police was Ms. Sa.

Brave to report rape, the girl was not resolved and was arrested by the police because of an unexpected twist - Photo 1.

The girl went to report the crime but was caught by the police

According to the police investigation, At the beginning of August, Sa and her husband had a disagreement. To calm her mind and relax, she went to her parents’ house in Lieu Chi. The husband thought that his wife was angry, so there was nothing serious when he returned to his grandmother’s house for a few days. But until one day, Sa posted a status complaining about marriage on her personal social networking site. Her ex-boyfriend saw it and actively contacted Sa. The two people immediately “came uninvited old love”, arising an immoral adulterous relationship.

After returning home, Sa was suspected by her husband when he found signs that she had met another man. During intense interrogation, in order to cover up her wrongdoing, she had to risk lying that she was raped by Truong. Hearing that, the husband immediately changed his attitude, got angry, felt very sorry for her, and immediately took his wife to the police to report the case.

When Truong was called to the police station, the police were also confused and reeling because during the interrogation, Truong’s and Sa’s statements were completely different, very inconsistent as if two separate stories.

Or After being questioned many times, Sa had to bow his head to admit that he had composed everything. Her unique “secret” to avoid being discovered by her husband of her infidelity only ends up making matters worse and worse. Originally, this was just a family matter, but thanks to the “going underground” phase, the girl also brought herself into the crime scene.

After all, Ms. Sa was fined by the police for 9 days in administrative detention and fined 400 yuan (about 1.4 million VND) for lying to the police.

Source: Sina

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