Bridesmaid rental service in China

When many Chinese brides find it difficult to find bridesmaids for their wedding because they don’t have many friends, a rental service is born to help them solve the problem.

Huihui, 22, from eastern China’s Shandong province, has entered the burgeoning bridesmaid rental industry and turned it into her career. The young girl not only worked as a bridesmaid for more than a dozen weddings, but also opened a bridesmaid rental studio in Jinan city.

She said more than 1,000 women around the country have signed up to do this job to earn extra income.

An advertisement for a bridesmaid rental service in China.  Photo: Weibo.

An advertisement for a bridesmaid rental service in China. Photo: Weibo.

“Why is there a need to hire bridesmaids? I think the main reason is that many people lead a lonely life in modern society. Classmates often don’t contact each other after graduation and make friends with colleagues who can. can be a challenge,” Huihui said.

The cost of hiring bridesmaids ranges from 400 yuan ($63) to 1,000 yuan ($157) per day, depending on the city. Huihui said finding someone willing to wake up early and spend the day at the wedding of a couple they don’t know is not easy.

Girls who want to be bridesmaids need to fill out a questionnaire that lists their age, height, weight, personality traits and even talent. “Professional bridesmaids must not be taller than 1.8 meters. Some clients also want bridesmaids to have a bachelor’s degree or higher,” she said. “We will provide candidates according to the customer’s request”.

Some people want the bridesmaids to have round faces or to speak with a dialect like the bride. “Professional bridesmaids should not be too beautiful so that the bride doesn’t worry about being overwhelmed. However, the bridesmaids can’t look too bad because the bride will feel embarrassed.”

Huihui said most brides don’t tell their families that the bridesmaids are hired. “Professional bridesmaids will keep it a secret and act as the bride’s best friend,” she said.

Professional bridesmaids also have the right to list requests with clients. Some people refuse to attend weddings featuring pranks, a controversial tradition in China where the groom and bride are teased and the bridesmaids are often dragged into the joke. Some people refuse to attend weddings that require long distance travel.

“Many people think that the more times you work as a bridesmaid, the less likely you are to get married because you lose your charm, but I don’t believe it,” said the girl, surnamed Yang, who works as a professional bridesmaid in Shanghai.

Phuong Vu (According to SCMP)

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