Bringing 578 to the Oscars: Opening the door for a film that failed at the box office and was criticized for its quality?

Bringing 578 to the Oscars: Opening the door for a film that failed at the box office and was criticized for its quality?  - Photo 1.

578: The shot of a madman announced a budget of 60 billion VND, but the box office revenue failed – Photo: DPCC

But according to the Cinema Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), the film was rated 9 points by the council, surpassing Me and Trinh, Maika, Dan play are not afraid of children falling.

Answer Youth about the reason for choosing the movie 578: Crazy shot As Vietnam’s representative to the Oscars 2023, Mr. Vi Kien Thanh (Director of the Cinema Department, vice president of the National Council for Film Selection for the preliminary round of the International Feature Film Oscar 2022-2023) said this is the result. selected and graded by the board.

The Council is chaired by Mr. Ta Quang Dong – Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

pass Players are not afraid of children falling, Em and Trinh, Maika

Mr. Thanh said: “The films presented to the judging panel must all meet the rules of the Oscars. There are four films that have won: 578: The bullet of a madman, Dan is not afraid of falling, Em and Trinh and Maika – The girl from another planet. Result, 578 9 points, the highest and standard score should be chosen to go to the Oscars”.

Mr. Thanh said Brilliant night – the film just won the Golden Kite Award – did not meet the rules of the Oscars, so it was not included in the selection. Besides, the director noted that a film that won the Golden Kite or the Golden Lotus does not mean that it will be chosen to represent Vietnam at the Oscars.

The above rules are Article 13 – Special rules for the Best International Film Award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, usually 4 pages long with many regulations. This charter is issued separately by the academy each year.

This year, the Academy requires films to be released from January 1 to November 30, 2022, with many requirements on format, film format, resolution, sound, etc. to criteria such as longer than 40 minutes, more than 50% of the dialogue is in a language other than English, the theater lasts at least seven days, and must not be released to the public in any other form before theatrical release…

Bringing 578 to the Oscars: Opening the door for a film that failed at the box office and was criticized for its quality?  - Photo 2.

H’Hen Niê in the movie 578: The shot of the madman – Photo: Provided by the film crew

Embarrassed audience, filmmaker: “No chance anyway”

But before the information 578: Crazy shot attending the Oscars, many audiences had mixed reactions. Many people expressed their confusion with this choice, regret for Brilliant night when director Aaron Toronto’s film is more convincing in terms of quality.

In a newspaper, the audience mentioned this Oscar-winning film as Drive My Car of Japan in 2022, or the film submitted by Taiwan for the competition is A Sun (positive spectral projection). These are all films of high artistic quality that move audiences’ hearts.

In comparison, the fact that Vietnam sent Godfather last year and 578 this year makes this audience feel “embarrassed for domestic cinema”.

Commenting on the incident, director Nguyen Huu Tuan told Youth: “I haven’t seen the movie yet 578 so there is no comment on the selection of this film for the Oscars. I just know it’s an action movie. Maybe the bureau also has a reason to choose an action film to prove that Vietnamese cinema can make a film of that genre.

For a long time, the opportunity for Vietnamese films to enter deeply into the Oscars is completely absent, in the current conditions. We don’t have a chance anyway so I see a movie choice Godfather like last year is reasonable, proving that Vietnamese cinema is still investing in making big-budget films, not inferior to other countries in terms of technical level.”

According to the observation of Youththe Best International Film category at the Oscars usually targets films with a dense artistic and academic level, sometimes even bolder than the Oscar’s Best Picture award.

The question is: can Vietnam invest exclusively in films of similar nature to make the opportunity at the Oscars clearer?

Director Nguyen Huu Tuan thinks this is unlikely. He said: “Such films do not have the ability to recover capital in the Vietnamese market, so no one invests. Private enterprises make films with specific profit goals, so they do not have a goal-driven mindset. ambiguous award.

I know there are still good scripts waiting to be made, but either movies like that really don’t have a market, or people believe it, so no one is investing. As for the films invested by the State, they still have to perform other tasks, not the task of attending the Oscars.”

In the preliminary round, Oscar received films from dozens of countries to submit to the competition. The organizers will select 15 films to be shortlisted, from which 5 films will be officially nominated.

Fear of ridicule, how much progress?

There is an opinion that if there is no typical representative in any year, Vietnam should not send films to the competition?

But the audience Anh Duy countered on a newspaper page: “Afraid of failing the exam, people laugh and then hug the work at home to enjoy it, when will it improve? Like a beauty contest, after a few decades, they leave empty-handed. we just realized the criteria of the contests and built the training content close to the criteria.Thanks to that, there were Thuy Tien, Phuong Khanh, Huong Giang…”.

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