British aircraft carrier arrives in Japan

The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth docked at the port of Yokosuka, after conducting exercises with US and Japanese forces in the Pacific.

“The visit to Japan by the British aircraft carrier battle group and the joint exercises show the goals of the two countries. Japan-UK defense cooperation not only contributes to the security of each country, but also serves peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region and the international community, as well as dealing with global problems,” said Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi while visiting the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. at the Yokosuka military port on September 6.

HMS Queen Elizabeth entered the port of Yokosuka on September 6.  Photo: JMSDF.

HMS Queen Elizabeth entered the port of Yokosuka on September 6. Photo: JMSDF.

Minister Kishi affirmed that both Japan and the UK oppose unilateral efforts to change the status quo in the East China Sea and South China Sea, stressing the importance of an open and free maritime order.

The British Embassy in Tokyo said the deployment of the HMS Queen Elizabeth demonstrates the close partnership with Japan, as well as London’s commitment to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Queen Elizabeth Strike Group includes the aircraft carrier of the same name, the destroyers HMS Diamond and HMS Defender, the frigates HMS Northumberland and HMS Kent, the Astute-class nuclear submarine, two logistics ships RFA Tideforce and RFA Fort Victoria, USS The Sullivans and the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen. On board Queen Elizabeth are 8 F-35B fighters of the British Air Force and 10 of the US Marines.

The Queen Elizabeth Task Force left Portsmouth to depart for Asia on May 22, with a schedule to visit 40 countries and participate in more than 70 sea operations. On the way back to the UK from the cruise, the Queen Elizabeth Task Force is scheduled to participate in Exercise Bersama Lima in October with Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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