British media praise William and Harry ‘reconciled for grandmother’

Many British newspapers hailed the first reunion in two years between the William and Harry families, a sign of reconciliation after the Queen’s death.

The British media today was flooded with messages about the reunion the day before between Prince William and his wife, Princess Catherine, and his younger brother Harry and Meghan outside Windsor Castle, where thousands of Britons came to pay their respects. Queen Elizabeth II.

“Reuniting for Grandma” was the headline on the Mirror website, while the Telegraph reported the two families “Reunited in the midst of grief”, while Sun wrote “4 people for one”.

William and Harry wave to people outside Windsor Castle on September 10.  Photo: AFP

William and Harry wave to people outside Windsor Castle on September 10. Image: AFP

Temporarily setting aside disagreements, Prince William and his wife walked alongside Harry and Meghan, waving to the people who came to offer condolences and memory of Queen Elizabeth II. This is the first time the two families have appeared in public since March 2020, after Harry and Meghan withdrew from the royal family and moved to the US to live.

“When they showed up in the same car for a walk outside Windsor Castle, the whole nation held their breath. It’s possible that the surge of emotions will bring the brothers back to being friends once again,” Ingrid Seward, British royal expert, writes in the Sun.

Sarah Vine, a reporter for the Daily Mail, thinks the reunion “will touch millions of hearts” in the UK, but questions how long this reconciliation effort will last after the Queen’s funeral. “We must pray about it,” Vine wrote, urging Harry to abandon plans to publish his autobiography.

“It’s time to open up to forgive, let’s put everything that has passed, and find a way forward together,” she commented.

The Sunday Times said that “the two brothers showed solidarity in Windsor, but everyone understood behind the scenes was a long negotiation, causing them to show up 45 minutes later than planned”.

William and Harry's family reunite

William – Kate (left) and Harry – Meghan outside Windsor Castle on September 10. Video: Twitter/@scobie.

The Sun newspaper also warned that “maybe the wound in the past has not yet healed, the walk is just a temporary truce”. The Sunday Telegraph described the move as an attempt “to prevent 10 days of national mourning from being overshadowed by the fractured relationship between the royal brothers”.

The newspaper praised William for “opening the olive branch” when inviting his brother and sister-in-law to the event, saying that the new crown prince had “created a moment of his own”. The Sunday Telegraph also said that the two families appearing together “will start a new healing process for two brothers who were once inseparable”, but warned that the path to true reconciliation “still remains to be seen”. arduous”.

Queen Elizabeth II dies at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. Prince Charles, 73, inherited the throne, becoming King Charles III, while Prince William, as heir to the throne, became Crown Prince and received the new title of Prince of Wales.

Tensions between Harry – Meghan and the British royal family increased after the two revealed many “secret secrets” of the royal family in an interview with the US broadcaster in March 2021. The couple even accused a member of the royal family of racism against their son Archie, sparking the biggest royal crisis in seven decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

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