British Parliament bans Chinese ambassador

Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zeguang was not allowed to enter the British parliament to attend the event, after Beijing imposed sanctions on London officials.

Ambassador Trinh Trong Quang plans to speak at a meeting of British cross-party parliamentary groups on China at the British parliament headquarters in Westminster, London on the evening of September 15.

However, the event was canceled after Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle and Speaker of the Senate John McFall refused to allow Trinh to visit the British parliament until Beijing lifted sanctions on London officials.

“If the sanctions are lifted, this of course won’t be a problem. I’m not saying that this meeting can’t take place, I’m just saying it can’t happen here while China keeps it. sanctions,” Hoyle said.

Trinh Ze Quang speaks at a meeting in Beijing, China, in December 2019.  Photo: Reuters.

Trinh Ze Quang speaks at a meeting in Beijing, China, in December 2019. Photo: Reuters.

Hoyle added that he felt it was inappropriate to let Chinese Ambassador Trinh Ze Quang hold the meeting on British parliament grounds, while Trinh’s country still imposed sanctions on some British officials.

China in March imposed sanctions on nine British individuals in retaliation for joint sanctions from Britain, Canada, the European Union and the United States targeting four Chinese officials for “violating human rights in Xinjiang”. .

Those sanctioned by Beijing include four members of parliament, former transport minister Nusrat Ghani and two members of the British House of Commons and a number of lawyers.

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London warned that “any attempt to harm China’s core interests will never be tolerated”.

“The despicable and cowardly act of some people in the British parliament to obstruct the normal exchange and cooperation between China and the UK has gone against the wishes and harmed the interests of the two peoples. “, the Chinese embassy issued a statement.

The Huawei ban in July 2020 is said to signal the end of the “golden era” in UK-China relations. Relations between the two countries then continued to be strained on issues such as Hong Kong and Xinjiang security laws and the origin of Covid-19.

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