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AllKpop It was reported that South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong Seop answered a question from Congressman Min Hong Cheol, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, regarding BTS’ military service at the National Assembly meeting in Seoul. (Korea).

BTS must enlist in the army - Photo 2.

BTS has to perform mandatory military service for Korean men. Photo: AllKpop

When Mr. Min Hong Cheol questioned whether to open a poll to decide whether the Hype family group will enlist in the army, Minister Lee affirmed that the Korean Ministry of National Defense maintains its previous position that the members of BTS still required to join the army according to the law.

Minister Lee assessed that it is difficult to expand the alternative service system when considering the fairness of the performance of compulsory military service.

MP Min Hong Cheol agreed with this decision of the leader of the Korean Ministry of National Defense. He said that military service is the most important of the citizens’ obligations under the Constitution, which should be performed in accordance with the law and principles.

BTS must enlist in the army - Photo 3.

Before that, a public survey was carried out by various media outlets in Korea and the National Assembly Defense Committee to determine whether pop culture artists like BTS – contribute The importance of national prestige should be transferred to an alternative to compulsory military service.

Of the 1018 people over the age of 18 who participated in the survey, 60.9% agreed with the option to allow alternative obligations.

With the above decision, Jin (Kim Seok Jin) is expected to be the first BTS member to receive a notice of military service in 2022.

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