BTV Quynh Hoa apologizes after the incident of ‘welcoming a soulful storm’

After a controversial day by the status line “it’s been a long time since I received a storm”, BTV Quynh Hoa reopened her personal page on the morning of September 29 and posted an apology to the audience.

She wrote: “I am Quynh Hoa, I would like to deeply apologize to everyone, to the audience, especially the Central audience. From the bottom of my heart, I am very sorry for using inappropriate words. When talking about storms, it brings negative emotions to the audience, and unintentionally has an inappropriate attitude towards the pain of the people in the Central region who are suffering a lot of damage and loss due to the storm.”

Quynh Hoa explained the reason for writing inappropriate words: “After 24 hours of working through the night, providing timely updates on storms to people in the Central region, and when the storm weakens as forecast, I myself just want to share a little joy in completing the work. However, in my excitement, I did not fully express my ideas, so I caused misunderstandings at a very sensitive time. I myself quickly realized and immediately corrected the article. to properly interpret what I mean.”.

Finally, the beautiful female editor of BTV said she was aware of her negligence and promised to learn from it. “I also apologize for affecting my hard-working colleagues at the scene as well as the whole crew who stayed up all night and all morning to produce continuous storm reports in the past day. I once again sorry, sincerely apologize to everyone for my shortcomings,” she wrote.

BTV Quynh Hoa apologizes after the incident of being caught by a storm - Photo 1.

Quynh Hoa apologizes after the incident when she made news about the storm No. 4.

In a post on her personal page on September 28, Quynh Hoa shared photos of working with many colleagues with the words: “24 hours without sleep, one night awake. One hour, one live news. It’s been a long time since a storm has come out.” Soon after, her post was met with harsh reactions from netizens. A lot of people are angry that the female MC is too emotionless when she is excited because “picking up a storm into the soul of the storm”.

Criticized, Quynh Hoa changed the content of the status line to: “A powerful force to catch the storm… and chase the storm”, but then deleted this post and locked comments. The audience’s harsh reaction made her continue to lock her personal Facebook.

BTV Quynh Hoa apologizes after the incident of mouthing to receive a stormy soul - Photo 2.

Quynh Hoa is considered one of the most beautiful editors on VTV.

Editor-in-Chief Quynh Hoa’s full name is Nguyen Quynh Hoa, born in 1992, graduated from Foreign Trade University majoring in Foreign Trade. She used to be a familiar face of weather news on VTV.

At the beginning of 2021, Quynh Hoa stopped reporting the weather to change to the main news Good morning. In addition, she still participates in the production of programs about the environment, weather, and natural disasters.

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