California activates wartime law to respond to wildfires

California activates wartime law to respond to wildfires - Photo 1.

Wildfires destroy many homes in the Echo Summit area of ​​California on August 30 – Photo: AFP

According to a White House announcement on September 13, Biden has approved a state of disaster in California and will travel to Sacramento, this state on September 13 to survey the damage caused by wildfires. President Biden will also visit the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho.

More than 6,800 wildfires large and small have burned about 1.7 million acres (689,000 hectares) in California alone. This is considered the most severe forest fire in recent years and makes available firefighting resources dangerously short.

The federal government activated the Defense Production Act to prioritize the production of fire hoses and hoses for the US Forest Service. These fire extinguishers will be used to extinguish the destructive wildfires in California.

This is the second time the law has been activated in less than a year, according to the Associated Press. After Mr. Biden activated the special law, nearly 668km of fire hoses were produced and supplied to the US Forest Service.

California activates wartime law to respond to wildfires - Photo 2.

Two residents of Greenville city (Califonria state) were stunned by what was left of the house after the fire on September 4 – Photo: AFP

The Defense Production Act of 1950 was originally intended to mobilize American resources for the Korean War and the Cold War.

The law was last activated in January 2021 to focus resources on accelerating production of medical equipment and COVID-19 vaccines.

Human-caused climate change is making the western United States hotter, drier and more vulnerable to wildfires, scientists explain.

Although wildfires have become part of the natural cycle, the fires are getting bigger and causing more physical damage.

President Biden will seek to push through the $3.5 trillion spending bill during his trip to California. The plan includes large investments in social security and programs to use clean energy, limit fossil fuels and reduce climate impact.

The AFP news agency commented that California is hot not only because of the wildfires but also because the state’s gubernatorial election is about to take place.

According to AFP, Biden’s trip is an attempt to salvage the credibility of the incumbent governor Gavin Newsom, a fellow Democrat. His opponents Newsom of the Republican Party is currently working hard criticized his handling of COVID-19 and the wildfires.

Largest wildfire in the US threatens California Largest wildfire in the US threatens California

TTO – The California wildfire has become the largest fire in the US as the fire has swept an area larger than the city of Los Angeles. Five people have gone missing and thousands have had to flee their homes.


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