Call of Duty: Warzone has a battle sound problem

According to Dexerto, Warzone players are best at taking advantage of sound to help take down enemies and win, but a new bug is preventing players from hearing every action of the battle after taking down an opponent. player.

Call of Duty: Warzone has a sound problem during battle - photo 1

Sound has always been an important part of Call of Duty, as it allows players to hear where the projectile is traveling from and where other players are approaching. However, a Reddit post by user ‘Putridzzz’ caught the attention of the community, as they were also one of many who had to go through the Warzone crash.

People report that after taking out enemies in the game, they no longer hear anything for the rest of the game. People describe it as ‘muffled sound’. Many people thought the error was caused by a hardware problem or a tangled audio cable. However, upon re-examination, the majority of opinions still suggest that this audio loss is a bug in the game and it persisted for the rest of the Warzone battle.


One-player-recommended temporary fix is ​​to stun yourself in the game to get back the lost sound. However, this fix doesn’t always work.

Warzone Pacific was released on December 8, and since then there have been a lot of problems with the game. The publisher has not yet commented on this issue.


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