Cambodia returns 12 Vietnamese to forced labor

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Cambodian authorities have returned 12 more Vietnamese citizens who were victims of forced labor in the country.

Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Doan Khac Viet said this information at a press conference on September 8, when answering a question about the work of protecting citizens who were tricked into Cambodia and became victims of forced labor. pictures, but did not specify when or where they were returned.

Viet said that Vietnam has coordinated with Cambodia to bring more than 600 people home safely, and continues to support thousands of others.

At a press conference on August 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Cambodian police had completed procedures to return home for 25 Vietnamese citizens who were tricked into working, of which 11 were rescued from a casino in Kandal province.

Cambodian authorities are stepping up the crackdown on fraud and human trafficking, saying victims are often attracted by offers of attractive remuneration, but when they arrive, they are forced to do illegal work. not as originally agreed.

Vietnamese authorities also said that thousands of people may have been sent to Cambodia for forced labor, to work in extremely hard conditions, detained and not receive promised wages. when it was very difficult to rescue them.

A group of Vietnamese workers were handed over at An Giang border gate on September 1.  Photo: Nguyen Khanh.

A group of Vietnamese workers were handed over at An Giang border gate on September 1. Image: Nguyen Khanh.

Cambodian Interior Minister Sar Kheng, who is also chairman of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking (NCCT), said on August 26 that authorities from the beginning of the year to August 20 had verified 87 suspected cases of human trafficking. brought to trial 17 cases with 60 defendants. Cambodian authorities have rescued 865 human trafficking victims so far this year.

Based on the testimonies of the rescued victims, the Cambodian Ministry of Interior identified the scheme of recruitment scams with masterminds in Cambodia and members abroad. Victims are tricked into Cambodia with the promise of “high-paying jobs”, but upon arrival are forced to work for illegal online gambling rings and become victims of human trafficking crimes.

Victims are often moved from one group to another by traffickers against their will. In some cases, victims are subjected to violence and threats if they do not follow orders from the criminal group.

Minister Sar Kheng said Cambodian authorities had carried out rescue operations, exempted them from fines for their illegal entry, and then deported these people according to regulations.

Tien Tam

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