Can Tho women’s ‘Sharing love’ bus fuels Binh Duong

The car sharing the love of Can Tho women fuels Binh Duong - Photo 1.

Women and soldiers transport goods to Binh Duong relay trucks – Photo: T.LŨY

The trip originated from the launch of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union, calling on women across the country to join hands to support and empower women and children in the South to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was launched by the Can Tho Women’s Union in which officials, women’s members, businesses and benefactors contributed with the spirit of “Anyone can help, someone with a little helps a little, someone with a lot helps. many”, received enthusiastic contributions from many forces.

In just a short time of launching, the program has received donations of cash, vegetables, fruits, necessities… from benefactors. This trip has 1,000 gifts, including rice, instant noodles, eggs, necessities (each part is worth 300,000 VND).

The car sharing the love of Can Tho women fuels Binh Duong - Photo 2.

Vegetables, tubers and fruits are prepared by Can Tho women to put on the car – Photo: T.LŨY

Ms. Vo Kim Thoa – Chairwoman of the Women’s Union of Can Tho City – shared: “Women of Can Tho and the West hear and see every day about the difficulties that people, especially women and children, face every day. in the epidemic center of Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong … were very touched and shared, so right after launching the program, in a very short time, we received great support”.

“In addition to 1,000 gifts and necessities for women and children, on the bus Share love With Binh Duong this time, there are also 10 tons of vegetables, fruits, baby clothes… contributed by women and philanthropists in Can Tho, sharing difficulties with frontline forces fighting the epidemic and the people of the province. Binh Duong”, said Ms. Thoa.

Since the beginning of the “war” against COVID-19 until now, Can Tho Women’s Union is a place that regularly organizes campaigns and donations among members, businesses, benefactors, etc. organized many rounds of giving gifts to people in difficulty, people in blocked areas. In July, the program Share love also organized to give gifts and support tens of tons of vegetables and agricultural products to women and children in Ho Chi Minh City.



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