Car models with the name ‘bad crying and laughing’

Car models with funny names - Photo 1.

Mazda Laputa (pictured) is difficult to sell in Spain. Although it is a flying island in “Gulliver’s travels”, it means … prostitute in Spanish. That is also the mistake Ford made when naming Escort (also called a call girl in English) for his car – Photo: Teahub

Car models with funny names - Photo 2.

Ford continues to make mistakes with Probe because it sounds like the owner of the car is being investigated and monitored (probe means investigation, spy). When switching to the name Pinto, it is not better, because it refers to a “helpless” man – Photo: Motor1

Car models with funny names - Photo 3.

Mitsubishi Pajero is a familiar name in Vietnam. But in Spain, this car has to be changed to Montero, because “Pajero” in Spanish means “fisherman”, not suitable for a car – Photo: Mitsubishi

Car models with funny names - Photo 4.

Nissan Moco’s turn to “collision” in Spanish. Moco in Spanish means “mucus, mucus” – Photo: Nissan

Car models with funny names - Photo 5.

Buick Lacrosse should not be sold to the French, because the connotation is quite vulgar. In the same situation there are (Honda) Fitta in Swedish and Norwegian, (Dodge) Dart Swinger, Hummer in American slang. Mercedes-Benz Vito can also make the most polite Swede angry – Photo: Car and Driver

Car models with funny names - Photo 6.

The Chevrolet Nova is a special case in this list. It seems to sell poorly in Spanish-speaking countries with the name meaning “don’t go”, but for many Spaniards, it can also be interpreted as “no collision”. Perhaps thanks to this second interpretation, it is quite famous in Latin American countries – Photo: Motortrend

Car models with funny names - Photo 7.

Nissan Homy Super Long is a controversial name because the word “Homy” sounds like “horny”, which means “horn”. For some countries, this name is more vulgar – Photo: Autoevolution

Car models with funny names - Photo 8.

With the name “dictator”, it is easy to imagine where the fate of Studebaker Dictator will go – Photo: Old Cars Weekly

Car models with funny names - Photo 9.

Subaru Brother is fine. But it might not be okay to know that it’s just a shorter name for the Bi-drive Recreational All-address Transporter, which in some markets is abbreviated to BRAT, which means rat in English and slang for pervert – Photo: Wikipedia

Car models with funny names - Photo 10.

The Daihatsu Naked is an attractive little Jeep-like kei. Only the name means “naked”, the opposite is true – Photo: Wikidata

Car models with funny names - Photo 11.

The name Mitsubishi Carisma was criticized for being “too explosive”. A combination of car (car) and kharisma (divine gift), but the leader of the Japanese car company also had to admit that sales were not good when making the decision to die in 2004 – Photo: Auto ABC

Car models with funny names - Photo 12.

The Audi e-Tron sounds like copper, powerful and futuristic. That’s what Audi envisioned when naming the electric supercar concept. But for the French, “e-Tron” means waste – Photo: Audi

Car models with funny names - Photo 13.

When swaying (Wingle) next to the Great Wall, it is very difficult to make people want to buy a car – Photo: Great Wall

Car models with funny names - Photo 14.

Few people would have guessed that Mazda used to name its car Titan Dump – Photo: Favcars

Car models with bad names, crying and laughing - Photo 15.

Morris Isis is a pretty name, taking its name from the River Thames as it flows through Oxford, the original home of Morris Motors. But until about 2014, it was no longer beautiful when the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization emerged – Photo: Wikimedia


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