Cargo plane crashes, crew missing in Indonesia

The Indonesian Ministry of Transport confirmed that the plane carrying essential goods and construction materials lost contact with the air traffic control tower on the morning of September 15. On the afternoon of September 15, the rescue helicopter captured an image of an aircraft broken into pieces under the cliff, suspected to be the crashed plane. Initial information suggests the plane was likely to crash into a cliff after the pilot tried to steer it through dense fog.

Sandi Sultan, Intan Jaya district police chief, said that after the plane lost contact, the pilot’s phone was still active but no one answered. According to him, it is unlikely that the pilot survived because the plane crashed at an altitude of 2,400 meters. The fate of the crew is unknown, as rescue teams on the ground have yet to reach the scene.

With rugged terrain and divided by many large and small islands, traffic accidents including ferry sinking and plane crash have happened quite often in Indonesia in recent years. The Indonesian government has revoked the operating licenses of several airlines in the country for failing to comply with safety standards.

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