Cars of ‘Meaning the compatriots’ rushed to the epidemic center, picking up students for treatment

Cars of

Students infected with COVID-19 were brought to Tam Ky city for treatment – Photo: DUC TAI

The program by the Club of Friends and Lovers of Da Nang City calls for sponsors to support and join hands with the highlands to overcome the pandemic.

Bringing students with COVID-19 back to town

In just four days, Nam Tra My district has more than 200 cases of COVID-19, mainly students. As a poor district, where infrastructure and medical services are limited, in the midst of raging rains and floods, treatment is difficult.

Together to support the medical sector to soon bring students to Tam Ky city for treatment in hospitals, on October 28, the Nghia compatriots’ buses overcame the rain and wind to the highlands.

Welcoming students infected with COVID for treatment – Video: D.T

According to Mr. Nguyen Binh Nam – Chairman of the Club Love each other, hearing the news that Nam Tra My had an outbreak, he called on sponsors to donate equipment and food to support people.

“I have come here many times, knowing that people’s lives are still very difficult. Now, when epidemics and natural disasters hit at the same time, it is really difficult,” said Mr. Nam.

In order for the students to go to the street for treatment soon, he contacted the drivers of Tam Ky Tourist and the district government to make a plan to pick them up.

“On the afternoon of October 28, there were 5 buses departing to pick up students from the street, hoping that they can access the best medical equipment, quickly recover from illness and return to school” – Mr. Nam confide.

Overcoming danger to welcome F0

At 10pm, the convoy brought 164 students infected with COVID-19 from schools in the district over a distance of 100km to Pham Ngoc Thanh Hospital and Traditional Medicine Hospital (Tam Ky City). The children were taken by hospital medical staff to each isolation room for treatment.

Huynh Tan Dung (driver), after receiving information to welcome people infected with COVID-19, the driver registered to participate immediately. “Knowing the high risk of infection, after picking it up, you have to be isolated for 14 days, but because of compassion for the people in this highland, everyone tries their best,” Dung said.

Cars of

Students board the bus Nghia compatriots – Photo: DUC TAI

He said, the convoy started in the afternoon, on the road there were many landslides, some muddy sections, it was difficult to move and took a long time. When the convoy was present at the district boarding high school for ethnic minorities, many students were waiting.

“Seeing the convoy coming to take the children for treatment, the teachers and teachers were all at ease. The children prepared their luggage, sat and waited. This trip I will never forget, the image of teachers and students greeting each other before leaving, Everyone was in tears,” Dung recalled.

Mr. Tran Duy Dung – Chairman of Nam Tra My District People’s Committee – said that the locality has 204 cases of COVID-19, most of them are students and teachers. The epidemic situation is complicated, F1 in the community can reach 5,000 people.

On the evening of October 28, a convoy of 9 vehicles from the province and the Da Nang City Friends Club went to the district to pick up the infected case and return to Tam Ky city for treatment. “On behalf of the people, I thank the benefactors and sponsors for their concern and companionship during difficult times,” Dung confided.

“The epidemic is complicated, the number of F0 cases is increasing, coming to the Friends Club will mobilize all cars, run at full capacity to welcome relatives and students and continue to call for medical equipment, practice products to support people,” said Mr. Nam.

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