Caught 7 men and women doing shady things in the hotel at midnight

On September 30, the Police Department of Dong Hoi City Police (Quang Binh province) temporarily detained 3 subjects including Dang Anh Hung (living in Nam Ly ward, Dong Hoi city); Nguyen Truong Quyen (living in Truong Xuan commune, Quang Ninh district) and Tran Thi Huong (living in Ea kar district, Dak Lak province) to investigate the illegal use of drugs at the hotel.

Caught red-handed 7 men and women doing shady things in the hotel at midnight - Photo 1.

4 out of 7 subjects were caught in the act of using drugs

Previously, at about 23:00 on September 28, the Drug Crime Investigation Police Team, Dong Hoi City Police coordinated with Bao Ninh Commune Police to check the stay at OSAKA hotel in Dong Duong village. Bao Ninh commune. Through inspection, the police discovered 7 young men and women in 2 rooms with acts of organizing drug use to “fly around”. In addition to Dang Anh Hung, Nguyen Truong Quyen, and Tran Thi Huong, there are also 4 other subjects: Pham Thi My Duyen (living in Dong Phu ward), Mai Thi Linh (living in Bao Ninh commune), Le Quoc Hop (born in 1998, living in wards). Phu Hai) and Tran Van Thai (SN 1994; living in Phu Hai ward, Dong Hoi city).

The functional force seized many drug use kits and white crystals that the subjects claimed to be ketamine-type drugs. Through rapid testing, these subjects all tested positive for narcotics.

Through the struggle, these subjects confessed to organizing the illegal use and use of drugs.

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