Caught a truck carrying a large amount of smuggled beauty products

On July 31, Lien Chieu District Police (Da Nang) said that through the tally, the number of smuggled goods on the way to the South was nearly 2,000 products.

Previously, on the afternoon of July 30, Lien Chieu District Police coordinated with Hoa Hiep Gate Traffic Police Station (Traffic Police Department of Da Nang Public Security) to check trucks with license plates 76C – 045.84, by driver Nguyen Ngoc Ng. (35 years old, living in Hoai Thuong commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province) driving, workingtraffic on Highway 1, just passing the Hai Van tunnel.

Caught a truck carrying a large number of smuggled beauty products - Photo 1.

Police temporarily impound vehicles carrying smuggled goods

At this time, the truck was transporting a large number of goods originating from abroad, including 1,979 products, but there were no valid invoices, documents or papers proving the origin.

Most of the goods on the car are beauty products for women such as cosmetics, functional foods, in addition to engines, pumps, children’s toys, exercise machines…

Caught a truck carrying a large number of smuggled beauty products - Photo 2.

Goods without valid invoices, vouchers or papers

The driver said that the truck carrying goods from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, along the way, has returned goods in many provinces at the request of the sender.

Currently, the Lien Chieu District Police Force has made a record of temporary seizure of the above-mentioned smuggled goods to conduct verification and continue handling according to regulations.

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