CEO Gen.G shares his opinion on the strength of LPL teams

Since 2018, when Invictus Gaming became the first team of the LPL to win the 2018 World Championship (World Championships 2018), the biggest international tournament of the year in the village of League of Legends (LoL) has almost been its own playground. 2 regions LCK and LPL. Since then, if it’s not the LCK, the LPL will take the throne. Only G2 Esports (G2) has ever nearly broken the two-horsepower position of these two regions.

CEO Gen.G shares his opinion on the strength of LPL teams - Photo 1.

IG – the team that marked the dominance of the LPL after the championship in 2018

At Worlds 2022, according to many opinions, it will still be a competition between the LPL and the LCK. Other areas, according to many opinions, may still be at the level of surprise. A prime example is at MSI 2022. At that time, G2 showed a very good performance in the entire Group Stage and the first leg of the Melee Round. But when it was the turn of the Melee Round, G2 was completely defeated, even against Saigon Buffalo (SGB).

CEO Gen.G shares his opinion on the strength of LPL teams - Photo 2.

It’s hard for other regions to break the dominance of LPL – LCK at the moment

And among the teams coming to Worlds 2022 this time, Gen.G Esports (Gen.G) – the defending champion of LCK Summer 2022 is being appreciated the most. Chovy and his teammates are even said to be able to defeat the mighty representatives from the LPL. If they can take the throne at this tournament, this will be the 3rd time in the history of this team to win Worlds. This achievement has been since the name Samsung Galaxy began to appear in the world of League of Legends until it changed its name to Gen.G.

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Gen.G is considered the No. 1 candidate for the World Championship 2022

But despite being so appreciated by experts and the international LoL community, Gen.G CEO Arnold Hur himself is humble. Accordingly, the CEO shared: “For me personally, the opponent I want to beat the most is Cloud9 (C9). We had a very bad 2018 season, so C9 is the opponent I want to beat the most. it’s G2. But to be honest, I’m pretty concerned about teams coming to the LPL myself.”

CEO Gen.G shares his opinion on the strength of LPL teams - Photo 4.

Gen.G CEO Arnold Hur is still afraid of the LPL region and aims to win against C9 and G2

For those who don’t know, at Worlds 2018, Gen.G had a very poor record of 1 win – 5 loss in the Group Stage and was eliminated early. Gen.G’s only win was against C9. Meanwhile, the team nicknamed “Nine Van” performed very well. It was C9 who, along with Royal Never Give Up, were the two representative teams of Group B to advance to the next round at Worlds 2018. At the end of the tournament, C9 entered the group of 4 strongest teams.


The World Championship 2022 is very close when there are only about 2 weeks left before the Kick-off Round will officially start. Being appreciated, both attesting to the power of the current Gen.G, is also an invisible pressure on the players. The task of Chovy and his teammates at Worlds 2022 will be extremely difficult. They need to focus as much as possible, play with 100% performance to bring back the World Championship trophy to the LCK as well as affirm the strength of the Korean LoL against the big rival LPL.

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