Check out the shockingly cheap ‘love box’, swaying China: Just 3,600 VND to find a life partner

In recent years, blind boxes have quickly become popular among young Chinese, from dolls to lipsticks, books, antiques, cakes… it can be said, “In a blind box anything is available”. Even the escape method can be found in the blind box.

“The blind box escapes” creates an interesting feeling

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP), buying a blind box to get out of the box is becoming an emerging trend in China, with the target customers being Generation Z (the group of people born in the Chinese New Year). 1995 to 2012). In China, people can randomly buy a potential opposite sex partner’s contact information for as little as 1 yuan (NDT, VND 3,600).

Look at the startling cheap love box, swaying China: Just 3,600 VND to find a life partner - Photo 1.

Small businesses provide two types of “blind box escape” according to male and female subjects. Photo:

According to SCMP, this type of “blind escape box” first appeared in the night markets of some major cities in China, where small traders offer two types of “blind escape boxes” according to men and women. Customers pay to receive Wechat information in the blind box, or leave their Wechat in the blind box. Once the WeChat information is available, the buyer can connect with the owner of the WeChat account and try dating.

One customer said: “After I left my contact information in the blind box, I was curious as to who would find me. The whole process was like opening a blind box, and it was a lot of fun.”

A shopkeeper in Guangzhou city (China) said: “This kind of blind escape box piqued people’s curiosity, so many people wanted to try it. They thought this method of making friends was interesting and new”.

Another blind box supplier revealed that male customers tend to buy contact information of potential female partners, while female customers prefer to put their contact information in the blind box. This phenomenon is also consistent with the current social context of China: many urban girls have become “lack girls” and are more eager to get married than men.

Some traders even revealed: “3 days received 10,000 orders, someone bought 100 boxes”.

Such “blind escape boxes” are also being sold online for similar prices. Some online stores even run marketing campaigns, free of charge for customers to leave their contact information for a certain period of time.

Is dating through a “blind box escape” reliable?’s reporter read the reviews of blind box buyers in the electronics stores. A customer commented: “The effect is not bad, bad men still have a chance”, “1 yuan buys a chance”…

Look at the startling cheap love box, swaying China: Just 3,600 VND to find a life partner - Photo 2.

Screenshot of buyer’s product review

One consumer left a message: “I’ve ordered from every store, but it didn’t work”. The seller replied: “Say what girls like, like money.”

Does the seller have control over the quality of the items offered? In this regard, a blind box seller who escaped without a hitch told a reporter at, “All are randomly matched. Everyone’s standards are different, so it can’t be guaranteed to match.”

Regarding the number of blind boxes ordered, this small trader said: “The principle is no restriction, but it is better to order 5 to 10 orders.”

Beware of leaking personal information

Different from real-life dating, where people know each other well, this type of random pairing through a blind box also makes many netizens worry about the security of personal information, even financial resources. produce.

Yan Ping – Director of Van Thong Law Firm in Beijing – commented: “Whether this violates the privacy regulations of personal information or the privacy of citizens depends mainly on whether this information is provided voluntarily. If it is voluntarily put the information in the box. blind, this is no problem”.

Diem Binh said that there are many platforms and businesses that will package similar data, traffic and other information to serve advertising, sales, etc. This not only violates the law but also constitutes crime if the violation is serious.

Sun Hao, a marriage and family consultant in Beijing, said the rise of the blind box showed a strong need for communication among young Chinese, but people needed to stay awake. and do not trust strangers.

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