Chi Pu burst into tears: ‘The way of singing was the days when I knew what was the first wave of my life’

Chi Pu burst into tears: The singing path was the days when I knew what the first wave of life was - Photo 1.

Chi Pu had a remarkable sharing about her singing path at a private event on the evening of September 22.

On the evening of September 22, Chi Pu and her team held an event to launch a new brand in which she holds the role of CEO. The event is held privately, inviting only close friends and colleagues. Here, Chi Pu had a remarkable share about her singing path over the years.

Specifically, she said: “… The path of singing, and those were also the days when I knew what the first wave of life was. Those days let me grow up very quickly, with a lot of emotions, ups and downs, ups and downs, and difficulties. , sublimation yes”. After saying the last sentence, Chi Pu’s voice choked when she couldn’t hold back her emotions and burst into tears.

It can be seen that, throughout the years of singing, Chi Pu has never stopped facing criticism for her voice, which has really created many waves for her. Right from debut with From today, Chi Pu caused the public to explode into fierce controversy, even many colleagues did not hesitate to express their disapproval of her debut in singing.

After a period of nearly 3 years, Chi Pu returned with Black Hickey and Sashimi continued to arouse criticism, even heavier than the time of debut because the audience was much stricter than before. The wave of protests against Chi Pu after the last two productions has persisted to the present time, causing VTV to also voice their disapproval and cause many viewers to ask to “lock up” and boycott her thoroughly.

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