Chi Pu has a duel with Miu Le, netizens praise the progress, but it’s thanks to… auto-tune?

On the evening of June 19, Miu Le suddenly debuted Because of My Mother’s Farewell New version with special voiceover of Chi Pu. After a long time without returning with any music, Chi Pu received the attention of netizens when she duet with Miu Le in the song that is dominating the top 1 trending YouTube.

Miu Le duet with Chi Pu in the new version of Because My Mother Catches Farewell

New remix of Because of My Mother’s Farewell somewhat strange ears, combining R&B and Lofi sound. Two beautiful girls impress when appearing with opposite images: Miu Le – personality and Chi Pu – gentle femininity. And as usual, Chi Pu holding the mic will create endless discussions of netizens.

Miu Le – Chi Pu is beautiful in the duet singing video

Although it is a new duet with Chi Pu, Miu Le still retains Karik’s rap version in Because of His Mother’s Farewell. Taking up a large amount of time, Karik’s part seems to be more prominent than Chi Pu and Miu Le’s singing, so most of the time the audience only sees the two girls dancing and swaying. Besides, Chi Pu’s voice was commented to have improved after a long time of not singing.

Most of the time of this new remix is ​​still Karik’s ver rap

However, many viewers believe that the duet performance is not live, this mix has been processed quite a lot, to the point that Miu Le’s voice has also been changed, so the assessment of Chi Pu singing is more advanced than incorrect. Many opinions say that Chi Pu sings better thanks to auto-tune, even with support, her voice is still very weak and cannot express the strong spirit of the song.

Chi Pu has a duel with Miu Le, netizens praise the progress, but it's thanks to... auto-tune?  - Photo 5.

Netizens commented on the duet performance of Miu Le and Chi Pu

Thanks to the presence of the hottest girl on MXH Chi Pu, the new version of Because of My Mother’s Farewell It is still a hot topic discussed on many forums.

Some netizens’ comments:

– When it comes to singing, Chi Pu is really bad, but when it comes to body, face, and fashion sense, it’s really top notch.

Auto-tune adjusts the sound, carrying Chi Pu hunched his back. Correcting the original voice but still having people compliment the progress is also good. Listen carefully and look at the sound of your mouth, you can also hear the weak voice and lose your breath, tune the sound for a whole hour.

I need to see the live version, not the pre-recorded version, this Chi Pu is very strange.

– Auto-tune and listen to chi pu still short of breath but praise.

This rendition is so pretty.

Miu Le doesn’t sing live, Chi Pu doesn’t sing live, who sings live?? Karik.

– Chi Pu sings this song well, right?

– It’s natural to sing so well, I’m not used to it.

– This song is Karik’s main vocal?

– It’s like a duet and dance with Karik!

Source: Screenshots; FBNV

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