Chi Pu revealed that Kay Tran was having to ‘resolve a stressful personal issue’ between the controversy with M-TP Entertainment

On the evening of July 29, the 1st final round of Street Dance Vietnam officially aired, marking the competition between 7 players: Sailor.D, Hoang Dai, Quoc Tit, C2 Low, Dang Quan, Sonic Boom, Le Hieu. Opening the Final Round 1, 4 Captains of Street Dance Vietnam will have a showcase stage to give priority to their team in the Final round.

Captain Kay Tran brings the performance Crossover Love Storyon the background music What do you means – a hit song associated with Kay Tran’s name when he was still active in Underground, remixed by Maiki, choreographed by Duong Anh My, combined with Quoc Tit and Le Hieu.

This performance made Host Tran Thanh exclaim “terrible cute” by Quoc Tit’s charming “fake girl” performance and Kay Tran’s wig makeup and the players. Kay Tran said, at Street Dance Vietnam, his team is always cool, so to the final night, he wants to bring joyful energy, dancing from the inside of his heart.

Funny, muddy performance of Kay Tran – Le Hieu – Quoc Tit on the background of the song Y Em Sao.

Kay Tran also has a touching message to fans, FC Flowers – Nha Bong right on the stage of Street Dance Vietnam: “No matter what form Kay is in, Kay is still Kay, still learning, trying to train herself better to devote herself to passion and art. Hope we will meet in the near future. together. Kay misses Bong very much.”

Kay Tran’s message to the fans did not cause the public to ask many question marks because it seemed to be more than simply a message to the fans. Notably, in the past time, Kay Tran has repeatedly faced rumors of leaving Son Tung’s M-TP Entertainment company, and even had a contract-legal problem to the point that the male singer had to “request for help.” “Find a lawyer.

Kay Tran shared a hidden meaning at the final night of 1 Street Dance Vietnam.

Chi Pu also said that from the beginning of the program, she had seen many moments of Kay Tran confiding, there were days when she returned home, Chi Pu often texted Kay to encourage, notably she emphasized male colleagues. Recently had to deal with “very stressful personal issues”.

Specifically, Chi Pu shared: “During the past few months, he had to deal with very stressful personal issues while filming the show. Never have I seen a comfortable, happy Kay Tran enjoying the stage with brothers like today. I hope from now on and all the way to the future, you will keep a very optimistic spirit like this.”

What happened to Kay Tran that caused him to be so hidden, and Chi Pu asserted that he was facing “very stressful personal” issues?

Gif: YouTube

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