China: A woman in a row received 21 wedding invitations within half a month

China: A woman consecutively received 21 wedding invitations within half a month - Photo 1.

A woman in China received 21 consecutive wedding invitations within a fortnight. Photo:

China’s Oriental news website reported, on September 23, a video recording of a woman in Wuzhou city, Guangxi province, China receiving 21 consecutive wedding invitations has been shared. widely on social media.

Ms. Thach – the woman in the video – said, these are wedding invitations from colleagues, friends, schoolmates; and one day she got 5 wedding invitations.

Ms. Thach said that, for each wedding, she will have to celebrate 300 to 500 yuan (about 1,000,000 to 1,700,000 VND), and she is feeling the pressure.

After witnessing this scene on video, a netizen commented that having a relationship too wide is also a pain. But some people think that people have put too much importance on the value of the congratulatory gift, the key is still the opportunity to meet each other.

Wang Quanbo – Professor of Sociology at the School of Law at Jiangnan University – said that in China, it is a long-standing tradition that people give each other gifts, a way of expressing one’s feelings. people, but it depends on their own income and the “closer – sister” relationship with the other party.

According to Professor Vuong, whether it is a classmate, close friend or relative, each relationship has a different degree of closeness or distance, so it can be based on that to attend the wedding or not. can be more or less happy.

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