China calls for boycott of KFC promotions for encouraging food waste

China calls for a boycott of KFC promotions for encouraging food waste - Photo 1.

Fast food chain KFC is facing criticism in the US after a customer bought 106 meals at a time just to receive promotional gifts – Photo: SHINE

According to Bloomberg news, the China Consumer Association (CCA – a national organization overseen by the Chinese government) said that one person bought 106 meals, spent nearly 10,500 yuan ($1,650), only to receive the entire gift of the toy collection.

In a statement issued on January 12, the association criticized KFC’s promotion program that encourages many people to waste food, while some individuals even pay others to eat their portion.

“As a food retailer, KFC promotes the over-consumption of food. This violates ethics, standards, and the spirit of the law,” the CCA wrote.

According to Bloomberg, KFC has launched a promotional gift of a doll collection themed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this fast food chain’s presence in China.

A representative of Yum China Holdings – the parent company of KFC – has not yet responded to the incident.

Foreign brands in China are often subjected to intense scrutiny by local authorities. Many cases even affected sales and executives had to apologize.

Big names like Mercedes-Benz, Walmart and Intel have all been named since late last year.

NIn 2020, the Chinese government suddenly launched a campaign to cut food waste. DThis move has raised many speculations about China’s lack of food resources to feed its 1.4 billion people.

Authorities then had to say that China had abundant food reserves.

KFC in China 'gets hit' KFC in China “gets hit”

TTO – The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) on December 21 discovered that chicken meat in products of fast-food chain KFC in this city had antibiotic residues exceeding the permissible limit.


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