China criticized the statements of two British prime minister candidates

China criticized the statements of two British Prime Minister candidates - Photo 1.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian – Photo: SCMP

According to Bloomberg news, China has denied negative accusations from Mr. Rishi Sunak and Ms. Liz Truss, two bright candidates for the position of British Prime Minister.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China strongly opposes the statements of British politicians.

According to Mr. Trieu, the statements of Mr. Sunak and Ms. Truss are exaggerated and show the irresponsibility when considering “China is a threat”.

Mr. Zhao stressed: “China will not make any comment on the election going on in the UK, because it is an internal matter of this country. However, politicians need to come up with their own solutions. own, instead of criticizing China to run for office.”

Earlier, both Mr. Sunak and Ms. Truss said they would take tough policies against China if they became British Prime Ministers.

Both candidates see China as “the number one threat” to the security of the UK in particular and the world in general, Bloomberg reported.

Over the weekend, former British Finance Minister Mr. Sunak accused China of stealing technology and infiltrating universities here.

The former finance minister also pledged to ban all activities of 30 Confucius Institutes in the UK if he becomes the next Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Liz Truss also expressed signs of being tough on China. In it, Ms. Truss said she would directly eliminate Chinese-owned companies in the UK such as Tik Tok Inc if she successfully ran for the position of Prime Minister.

About 6 weeks from now, the “hot seat” for the British Prime Minister position will be revealed, but both candidates show extremely tough policies towards China in the near future, Bloomberg News reported. essay.

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