China invents a device that sounds an alarm when men watch pornographic films

Theo SCMPthe process of testing the new device involved 15 male university students between the ages of 20 and 25.

The volunteers were said to have worn a device that could detect spikes in brain waves caused by pornography. The device was worn while the volunteers sat in front of a computer screen, and an alarm sounded every time a sensitive image appeared.

China invented a device that emits an alarm when men watch sensitive movies - Photo 1.

Xu Jianjun, director of the Electrical Engineering Experimental Center (Beijing Jiaotong University) and lead author of the study, said the devices could be used for censors to quickly detect Indecent images on the Internet in China.

As part of the fight against online pornography, the Chinese government has mobilized a “strong” workforce known as jian huang shi, or “porn appraisers”. These people will monitor movies and pictures shared on the Internet or social media to detect sensitive content.

However, moderation can sometimes become overwhelming for reviewers. Meanwhile, image recognition algorithms of artificial intelligence (AI) can also lead to errors.

According to Xu, the new technology will help leverage the synergy between man and machine to achieve high precision and efficiency.

The human eye and brain are still better at detecting pornography, researchers say, especially for photos with complex backgrounds.

And with the proposed device, an appraiser could wear a helmet with a brainwave meter while sitting in front of a screen to filter through a series of images without much effort.

However, no female volunteers participated in the experiment, despite the fact that many of the assessors were female. Therefore, whether or not gender affects the function of this device is still unknown.

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