China makes an mRNA vaccine, boasting ‘better than American products’

China makes an mRNA vaccine, showing it better than American goods - Photo 1.

China’s first self-developed mRNA vaccine is called ARCoVax – Photo: SINA

September 9, the paper Global Times China’s first mRNA production facility for COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be put into operation in October this year. Surname will use domestically produced equipment and raw materials.

Global Times quoted “experts” as saying that this shows that China has mastered the technology of mRNA vaccines. They believe this vaccine will help speed up the mass vaccination process of the country of 1.4 billion people because it is likely that China will use this vaccine for additional shots.

The vaccine using the above mRNA technology is called ARCoVax. Jointly developed by the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Suzhou Abogen, and Yunnan Walvax Biotechnology, the mRNA vaccine is expected to be mass-produced at the facility in Yuxi city, province Yunnan, southwestern China next month.

With an investment of 520 million yuan ($80 million), China’s first mRNA vaccine production facility is capable of producing 200 million doses per year.

Global Times cited “media reports” stating that compared to the mRNA vaccine developed by the US and Germany, the domestically produced Chinese mRNA vaccine is “much safer”, with a higher generation of neutralizing antibodies.

According to this newspaper, the cost of preserving the ARCoVax vaccine is lower than that of foreign vaccines, which can be stored at room temperature for a week or at 4 degrees Celsius for a long time, making it easier to use. .

Quoting “experts”, Global Times said the above factors have made the ARCoVax vaccine stand out more than the mRNA vaccines of Moderna (USA) and Pfizer (USA)/BioNTech (Germany) – which require much lower storage temperatures and temperature control. more stringent.


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