China opposes the US increasing arms supply to Taiwan

China opposes the US increasing arms supply to Taiwan - Photo 1.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian – Photo: EPA-EFE

At a press conference on April 6, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that Beijing firmly opposes the Pentagon’s intention to increase weapons to Taiwan.

“Such actions undermine US-China relations and peace in the Taiwan Strait. In this regard, China firmly opposes,” said Mr. Trieu Lap Kien.

According to Kien, Chinese authorities consider the US supply of weapons to Taiwan as a violation of bilateral agreements and infringing upon China’s national interests.

“The US should stop supplying weapons and stop conducting military exercises with Taiwan’s participation,” Zhao added.

On April 5, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the US plans to provide weapons and military equipment to Taiwan because they are necessary for the island’s self-defence capabilities.

In February, the US approved a $100 million arms and services deal to Taiwan to “maintain, maintain, and upgrade” its Patriot missile defense system.

In 2021, Taiwan also signed two weapons contracts worth 1.75 billion USD with the US, including Lockheed Martin’s highly mobile artillery systems (HIMARS) and Harpoon coastal defense systems (HCDSs) of Boeing.

Beijing considers the island of Taiwan a part of its territory and does not rule out the possibility of taking it back by force. This position is supported by most countries, including Russia.

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