China records 20 community COVID-19 cases in Fujian province

China recorded 20 cases of COVID-19 in the community in Fujian province - Photo 1.

Community cases in China increase again – Photo: REUTERS

Up to now, tThe total number of COVID-19 cases in China increased to 95,199 cases, the number of deaths remained unchanged at 4,636.

Follow Global Times, Putian, a city in Fujian province, recorded 6 cases of COVID-19 on the evening of September 10, including 3 primary school students and 3 of their parents.

The three areas associated with these students are classified as medium-risk, with 27,000 residents beginning home isolation.

After two students, brothers and sisters, tested positive at a primary school in Tien Du district, the Putian government immediately conducted extensive testing and found four other cases.

One of the four people above returned to China from Singapore on August 4 and has been in concentrated isolation for 21 days. On August 24, 20 days after returning to China, this person was still negative when tested.

Currently, China has 4 areas rated medium risk, none of which are high risk.

CGTN reported that the National Health Commission sent a special anti-epidemic team to Fujian province. Intra-city and intercity buses have stopped operating. Public facilities such as libraries and stadiums are also closed to control the epidemic.


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