China records many cases of Covid-19 in children, New Zealand persists with Zero strategy

Many children have Covid-19, China recommends restricting travel during the holiday

A new community-based Covid-19 outbreak is spreading rapidly in Fujian province, southeast China. Notably, among more than 100 cases of infection, there are dozens of children under 10 years old.

The number of new Covid-19 cases from the Putian outbreak, Fujian has doubled in just one day. According to data released by China’s National Health Commission on the morning of September 14, the country recorded an additional 59 cases of Covid-19 in the community on September 13 and all were in Fujian.

Due to the largest increase in the number of patients with 32 cases, Xiamen city was locked down on the night of September 13. Most of the cases originate from Putian, where the new outbreak started. All residential areas in the city are subject to “closed” management – people do not leave the locality. All entertainment venues are closed.

So far, Fujian has recorded 123 cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection, including 102 cases and 21 asymptomatic cases. Notably, because the epidemic was detected from a primary school in Putian, up to now, out of 85 positive cases in the city, there are 30 children under 10 years old. The research team of the National Health Commission sent to Fujian said that it is likely that cases will continue to be detected in communities, schools and factories in Putian, where the outbreak is mainly concentrated. current middle.

An estimated more than 30,000 people left Putian for other parts of China between late August and September 10, when the first cases were reported. However, according to experts in this country, China can control the wave outbreak before the National Day holiday “with all control measures in place”.

Facing the complicated development of the epidemic, some localities in this country, such as Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, have advised people not to travel, especially to areas where the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading. upcoming national holiday. Beijing also asked people not to go abroad unless necessary and only travel after having had enough doses of the vaccine with short and medium tours, as well as outdoor tourist destinations, limiting large gatherings. and implement personal protection.

The three Mid-Autumn Festival holidays in China will begin on September 19, and the “golden week” holiday on the occasion of National Day will begin on October 1.

Last month, China prevented a nationwide wave of epidemics due to the Delta variant in the outbreak that is considered the worst since the outbreak first occurred in Wuhan last year.

New Zealand sticks to its strategy of no cases of Covid-19

The New Zealand government today called on people to respond to the vaccination program to protect themselves and to continue to maintain its position as a world leader in the strategy to eliminate the Covid-19 epidemic.

Although the number of new Covid-19 cases per day is on a downward trend, the New Zealand government today (September 14) continues to urge people to get a Covid-19 vaccine, especially in areas There is a high risk of disease and is being blocked at the highest level like Auckland city.

In a statement today (September 14), Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern affirmed that vaccination is indeed capable of preventing severe Covid-19 cases requiring hospitalization and saving many lives. The New Zealand government’s message these days is none other than calling on people to get vaccinated to protect their own health. And if Aucklanders respond to calls for vaccinations, New Zealand’s largest city will hit its target of 80 per cent of its vaccinated-age population getting one shot this week.

Prime Minister Ardern said that starting tomorrow (September 15), the country will use vaccination buses to speed up vaccine coverage, in which this model will focus on deploying in areas where there is a shortage of vaccines. low vaccination rates or areas where people have difficulty accessing vaccination sites. Prime Minister Ardern also affirmed that New Zealand would continue to lead the world in the elimination strategy Covid-19 and high vaccination rates are how this country can get there.

Prime Minister Ardern’s statements come in the context that today the country has only recorded 15 cases of Covid-19, a sharp decrease from 33 cases yesterday (September 13). New Zealand now has a Level 2 health alert for most cities. Particularly, the epidemic hotspot is the city of Auckland, which is maintaining the epidemic alert level 4 and is expected to be reduced to one level of blockade next Wednesday (September 22).

To date, 66.5% of the population 12 years and older in New Zealand has received a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and 34% has been fully immunized.

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